Meganekko No Shana :: Ch. 1

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I sacrificed a little over an hour and a half to start writing this fanfic story. If anyone is familiar with the series and/or my adoration for Shakugan No Shana, most of the details I used should sound familiar. I do not plan to stick to the anime’s character archetypes, and I WILL be flipping character roles/motivations/reactions as I see fit. It is all written on the spot, so there was no real planning that went into this. Since that is how I work best sometimes, that may or may not change. I want to keep this going for a while, since I love to write, but I’ll have to see how much I will suffer after tonight because of my blatant procrastination.

On with my hopeful megane-ko series…

Title: Meganekko No Shana
Chapter 1

“Whoa…you really do look different with those on your face,” he exclaimed.

“Is that supposed to be a compliment or an exclamation of disgust?” she inquired with substantial edge in her tone.

“No no! Definitely a compliment.”


Shana turned on her heels, spun around once, then faced Sakai again with a childlike smile that only she, with her adorable petite size, could pull off. With such lengthy jet black hair falling over her chest and down to her mid back, it was impossible to not recognize her from afar. Her black-framed megane (glasses) that had once clung to the opening between her size-fitted school uniform now sat leveled on her button nose. Sakai’s eyes almost caught a glance down her shirt when she leaned over, gazing curiously up at him with enlarged hazel eyes.

“What’s the matter, Yuji?”

“Um…err…nothing, Shana.”

“Sakai is surely attempting to conceal his true intent, Shana,” a baritone-voice boomed from Shana’s glistening, fire-imbued pendant.

“Let’s see how long he can last until he cracks, ne Alastor?”

“Indeed,” Alastor responded.

Unconvinced by Sakai’s horrible acting, she stared intensely into his eyes, then at his face.

“W-What?” Sakai’s forehead had a bead of sweat ready to roll down his face, as he kept his eyes focused over her head, as he was at nearly a foot taller than Shana’s 4’8″.

“You’re blushing, you know.”

“R-Really? Is that so?”

A new wave of blood flushed his entire face while he smiled widely. His right hand rested on the back of his head, as he knew Shana could read him like a book. He could feel his body temperature rise in a way that fondly reminded him even more of who Shana really was. He had named her Shana back when she had stubbornly considered herself to be ‘just a Flame Haze;’ just the Flame-Haired Red-Hot-Eyed Hunter under the watchful guidance of the Flame of Heaven (Alastor).

Two years had passed since those days of untimely battles and unsuspecting plotting of Tomogara of Guze. In the months that followed, Shana’s personality and outlook on normal life had changed substantially in comparison to the hot-headed fifteen year-old, katana-wielding Flame Haze she once was. Sakai, who had applied himself more to his “life” with Shana’s training, in the same vein, had matured as well. She was much more him than one who kept the balance between reality and the world of Guze.

Shana folded her arms and shook her head in disdain.

“Mou…you’re such a horrible liar, Yuji.”

Sakai’s futile attempts to calm himself down led to him simply walking in the general direction of school, leaving Shana to wade in her frustrated embarrassment. For a moment, he held a crestfallen expression on his face, sighing lightly.

“I really need to watch myself around her…”

Sakai forced a relieved chuckle.

“Yeah, I know I am.”

Shana snapped from her mental reprimanding of Sakai, noticing that his voice was farther away than before. His slow, steady pace had not halted.

“Yuji! I’m not done with you!”

“Yeah, yeah,” he replied in a lax tone with his right hand waving in the air. “I know, but do you want to be late for homeroom over something as silly as me blushing over you wearing cute glasses?”

Shana’s eyes and hair altered to that of a firey red; a side-effect that was not only her Flame Haze form, but a side-effect of a rapid increase of body heat. She stood on the sidewalk, mouth partially agape in shock, watching Sakai falling farther away in distance.

“Yuji…Where did that come from?”

“Shut up!” she screamed as she ran after him and caught up to his side, only to greet him with a punch to the ribs.

“Agh! Shana! What was that for?”

Sakai’s round sky blue eyes glared down at Shana, gritting his teeth in pain. She returned the action back at him, still walking beside him with the splash of red fading from her narrowed, megane-clad eyes and hair.

“Don’t say things you can’t take back.”

“Wha-” Sakai raised his eyebrow, still wincing from her blow.

“You said my glasses were cute.”

“Eh? I did?”


Alastor interjected, deciding to say his peace as well.

“You did indeed say those words, Sakai. However, Shana’s method of retaliation was not terribly necessary.”

Shana puffed out her left cheek, holding her breath, to properly express her displeasure with Sakai’s comment in the cutest fashion. All he could do was hold his head in his hand and sigh.

“Oh man…I really need to watch myself around her.”

To whomever cares to read: Please tell me what you think. I don’t expect praise for it or anything, but some constructive criticism, that understands that this was an unexpected creative process I did on a whim, would be nice. Telling your friends about this wouldn’t hurt either.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Yuki Kajiura – Mai-HiME Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 – “Kokuyou no Kimi ~Amai Yuuwaku” ]:: \\


7 thoughts on “Meganekko No Shana :: Ch. 1

  1. I don’t really like the story, as i don’t really like the show it’s based on and because of lack of knowledge of the show, i find things quite confusing.

    But i’m posting a reply because i’m also a lover of the meganekko, yay!
    Anyway, i hope to keep in contact.


  2. That’s completely understandable. Don’t expect everyone to appreciate the show as I do, let alone my writings.

    All in all, I always enjoy meeting someone who shares my love of meganekko ^^ If nothing else, I hope to keep in contact with you as well.

    Thank you for your constructive patronage, barachem =^ ^=

  3. Not a huge deal. You’re not really supposed to get it because it’s only the first installment to set up the necessary details to not leave non-watchers in the dark. Only those who are watching the series will already have a good handle on everything.

    I guess you didn’t get the mouse-over msg. The banner was thrown in there to distinguish my story entries from my others.

  4. I actually happened to like it alot. Heh, I think you got the character’s personalities down pretty well.

    Good job, and keep writing SnS meganekko stories. Lol, I’m looking foward to the next installment! ^_^


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