Ren’Ai :: V-Day…oh how I doth pine for thine bitter demise

meganeko33What the fuck is up with people being so caught up in this stupid excuse for an international holiday? I seriously can’t stand it when people put on this facade of “love and peace” just because the entire world is obligated to be on fuckin’ Cloud Nine. Yes, I hate Valentine’s Day with a passion. Yes, I am single, which is completely irrelevant to my desire to obliterate this commercialized lovey-dovey event off the face of the Earth. ‘Well, I can see why this bitch is single,’ you say? Let me give some reasons as to why I have forever held a blacklight torch to this “holiday.”

Instance #1: Back in high school when I had a little insignificant relationship-thing going with some asshole that I don’t talk to anymore, I was posed with the question regarding why I was so stoic all the time. My answer is what it has always been: “It’s my nature. Get over it.” I have worked my ass off my entire life to get to where I am today, and with a bunch of other issues in my personal life mingled with being a workaholic, I became this rock that could only be conquered by the one I would spend the rest of my life with. Not even my friends understand it completely, but at least they don’t question it like that asshole did.

Anyway, this led to a few other questions and then my feelings on Valentine’s Day. That person asked me if we were still in a relationship if I would accept a rose and chocolates. I gently sighed and said I would, but then the idiot turned around and said that I do like Valentine’s Day after all -_- I proceeded to take out my pocket knife that I carry around with me often and said, “If St. Valentine was still alive today, proliferating his following for a holiday in his name, I would feign insanity and kill the bastard.”

That person never asked me about the day again. I had a good laugh that day with my friends (i.e. the people who don’t question my personal reasons/actions). Fortunately, our fling was over by the time the day actually came and, to further prove my distaste for the day, donned my black leather jacket with black steel toe boots all day long. The boots were a bitch to hobble around in, but people knew I was flamboyantly boycotting. Never smiled and enjoyed lunch time so much in my life, hehe.

Instance #2: I arrived at work at around 9AM today, and immediately got cracking on my assigned duties. The secretary that I’m grateful to get along with so well walked in all smiles. I pretended I was working on something really important, as I knew what was to come.

Secretary: Good morning, “Ren’Ai”.
Me: Morning.
Secretary: Happy Valentine’s Day!
Me: ::grimaces:: Yeah.
Secretary: Yeah…

What the fuck! Why can’t I be the someone who just doesn’t acknowledge the day? Why does my business relationship have to get a -10 anti-social mark tacked on just because I did not say “Thank you” or “You too”? She probably won’t talk to me for the rest of the day, for fear I might further bring a black cloud to suffocate her spirits ::rolls eyes::

By the way, I am wearing all black today with my prized jacket.

Instance #3: I went out with some friends Sunday night. I was having a great time, until one of them started talking about what they were going to do for Valentine’s Day. I immediately kept to myself, enjoying my exquisite, restaurant-made meal. Apparently, my blackened aura reached one of them, which then encouraged one of them to inquire of my feelings about the holiday.

Me: I hate the holiday with a fervent passion. It’s an excuse for all the selfish couples in the world to raise their expectations because their guy/girl is virtually obligated to give them something. If they don’t, they (mostly females) get pissed and jealous that everyone else is getting something and not them. Why the hell would I require a holiday to forcibly encourage a gift of appreciation/love for someone? If that’s the case for anyone, then why bother loving anyone? It disgusts me.
Friend: Hm…but Christmas is over-commercialized also. Don’t you give gifts on Christmas just because it is Christmas?
Me: …Are you seriously comparing Christmas to Valentine’s Day simply on the grounds that they are both over-commercialized and both cause people to expect gifts?
Friend: Yeah. Why not? Valentine’s Day is a day for people who care about each other to show it freely. Christmas is very similar to that.
Me: First of all, I don’t expect shit on Christmas and especially NOT V-day. All the people who celebrate Christmas for the sake of making up for all the gift-giving and appreciation that they slacked on during the course of the year are bonefied fakers. Valentine’s Day, in the same respect, is a day for all those assholes (male or female) to try to burn bridges in one full swoop so that they have a better chance at a “clean slate.” Or better yet, cheapened free sex; and in the very rare case, the person is just going with the trends and is already showing their love for that person freely, with or without stupid gifts and/or chocolates. Christmas isn’t even about gift-giving. Anyone with any sort of church background knows that the focus is on the birth of Jesus. Gift-giving, in my opinion, was just a economical ploy used to play off the gifts that were given to Jesus by the 3 Wise Men to justify everyone having a fuckin’ aneurism after Thanksgiving is over. Now, I’m not against giving gifts on Christmas, but if you’re going to do it, then at least keep in mind what the holiday was meant to be about regardless if you’re not even a Christian.
Friend: I still don’t see how that’s any different from Valentine’s Day’s superficial trend.
Me: ::looks down at cooling food:: My food is getting cold. ::eats:: So, what’s going on in the Olympics?

I swear I hate how people reason sometimes. Then again, I think a lot of people hate how I reason most of the time. I had to hold myself back from strangling her because she was making me so frustrated…and making me think OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL! >_< Thank goodness my friends can catch a hint when I shove one in their face. I think everyone could hear the anger rising in my voice…or just felt my prominent dark aura. Either way, the conversation changed, and I once again refuted those who bask in the superficial & pointless existence of February 14; with or without their concurrence.

::sharpens pocket knife:: Anyone else want some lovin’? -_-; If not, here’s a popular anti-valentine site for your amusement.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ KOTOKO – “Trust Your Truth…” ]:: \\


5 thoughts on “Ren’Ai :: V-Day…oh how I doth pine for thine bitter demise

  1. i’ll be brief.

    love the pic,
    methinks you’re overreacting a little,
    and the anti-valentine site is actually pretty amusing.

    if need be, i’ll elaborate l8r.

  2. Glad you like the pic. I thought it was a pleasant choice, regardless of how it was welcomed.

    I don’t know how V-day has been enacted in SG or in Texas, but where I come from, people really force this holiday on other people and make a point to make those who don’t get anything feel like curling up in a ball and dying. I really dislike those people, and I dislike those who are selfish enough to take advantage of this stupid holiday. I suppose I may be overreacting a little, but it is in good taste IMHO. People take this holiday too much for granted, and I will stand strongly for not succumbing to the lovey-doveyness that couples around the world impose on those who could give a crap about it.

    Just so I did not misunderstand, feel free to elaborate if you wish.

  3. well if you say so, then i am guilty as charged for not understanding why i thought you were overreacting.

    well here i am telling people that i don’t have a valentine and people just gasp as if they found out i contracted breast cancer or something and say i should curl up and die. *pants*

    i guess it’s probably worse where you are, i don’t know. yeah, and i dislike the way love seems to be taken so lightly, how people want to mistake it for being the real thing although it’s far from it.

    but, alas, v-day is over.

    i can choose to forget.

  4. Valentine’s day?
    Whatever is that anyway?

    Honestly, i’m single too, 28 years old and i just give a damn.
    I’d rather look at meganekko, draw meganekko, play magic the gathering, listen to music, produce trance, watch anime, read manga, whatever than pay any attention to Valentine’s day.
    Giving it attention, positive or negative, only feeds it’s strength.
    Don’t hate, just ignore it!


  5. Hai hai. I’m not feeding the fire, but simply stating factual information [about myself] that sets me apart from the rampant fickleness in this world for that useless, over-theatricized holiday.

    My personal interests come way before putting more energy into something I’d like to have a hand in rubbing out. Trust me.

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