Creative Commons & Copyrights

meganeko32I had been debating about obtaining a Creative Commons License, thinking that if I picked one up without thinking that I would get caught up in some unnecessary legal cross-conflict between 2nd and 3rd parties. After reading the information more closely, I felt that it would be wise, on a few levels, to protect my rights with one. Another fear that was alleviated from me was that this license isn’t permanent, unlike an actual legal copyright which last 75 years before expiring. So, if my blog ever became a major hotspot with thousands reading every day, I would definitely find the money to purchase a true copyright for my blog so that all my rights will be reserved. I think Xiaxue once had a CC license, then replaced it with a legal copyright in her footer. Mind you, I had put this possibility aside once before already. It was my Shakugan no Renai CG work that conned me into putting more effort into researching the reasoning behind those who choose to brand their site/blog with one. Not much goes into getting your own license for your own blog, but there is no way I could sum up the lengthy documentation to speed up any one person’s decisiveness on whether to obtain one or not.

The standards that encompass what this license does is located at the footer of my blog, if you are curious. I honestly don’t expect anyone to unrightfully produce any of my writings or works onto any site without my permission, seeing as how most of them are nothing spectacular or entirely my cultivated creation. If anything, J.C. Staff or Geneon will come after me for screwing around with their dear Shana-chan, though that is highly unlikely. I’m just a megane-ko blogger with an uncommon passion after all. At least my writings and CG works are now properly [somewhat] protected.

Viewing this “protection” nonsense from a realistic point of view, anyone with basic knowledge of how to navigate through HTML can easily place the words “Copyright © 2003-2006 [insert name/site]. All rights reserved.” into the footer of their site. Also, anyone with common sense knows that the world is filled with devious, distrusting, conniving individuals, and the Internet is just another vast outlet for these persons to pervade for their own ends. Who is to say that anyone’s website really has all their rights reserved? If you live in the US, all your rights should already be reserved just by being a citizen with a Social Security number and a birth certificate, but the advent of the Internet has flipped all these legalities upside down. It’s to the point where everyone who has any value of their individuality and expression on the net has to constantly be gripped in fear for someone stealing what they rightfully composed/created/imaged. So, those people will illegally forged a copyright label onto their website in hope that all will be a good net-citizen and play fair.

I admit that I am one of those paranoid individuals, if that hasn’t been made obvious already. However, as I said, people like me fear those disrespectful persons because we imbue a distinct sense of value into everything we write or create. There are countless blogs in Technorati that have 0 sense of value in the importance of their content or readership. Honestly, I could give a shit about those who start and abandon blogs so frivolously, but it’s fuckin’ annoying that simply being a contributor to the data stream of the Net means that my rights of individualistic expression are perpetually in imminent danger 24 hours a day by lazy bastards with nothing better to do than impose a level of plagiarism to another pinnacle of paranoia.

Now that my nonsensical, unintelligible rambling has reached its end, I wonder if someone will actually view it as worthwhile data to ensnare… Now wouldn’t that be some shit.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Ishida Youko – Shakugan No Shana ED 2 Single: Aka no Seijaku – “Aka no Seijaku” ]:: \\


2 thoughts on “Creative Commons & Copyrights

  1. hmm, was thinking of getting one as well. not sure how much use it is going to be, though, since I don’t really care if people steal my words.

    well, then again i could be wrong and something disastrous could take place.

    but that’s just being paranoid (imho). i’ll see.

  2. You never know. You should look into it anyway to see if it’s right for you. I think it’s good for me to have it since I wind up screwing around with Photoshop more and more often.

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