CG Work :: Shakugan no Ren’Ai

shakushanaOriginal Screenshot

meganeshanaMy CG work

In my previous entry, I said that I would add the image when I was back in my room, more or less. Well, I didn’t pass out in the class I was in, but after finally arriving back in my room around 6PM, I was exhausted. However, I wanted to add that image to my last entry, you know? The problem was…I had already decided I would be doing something original in Photoshop. Perfectionism strikes with a vengence!

So after taking my own screenshot of the adorable, yet deadly Shana-chan, I tried to figure a way that I could put a pair of megane (glasses) on her. As usual, doing something by hand was not going particularly well, and with my brain on the last bit of its battery, I stopped screwing around and did the next best thing: find someone who already wears megane and take theirs XD

Figures that there would be no images in my arsenal that have a similar facial depth that my screenshot had. So, being the savvy Photoshopper I am ::coughs & stifles a laugh:: I worked around it. Didn’t take me that long to be surprisingly satisfied with how I had editted the megane to look pretty damn believable on her.

And then…I passed out for 3 hours, ignoring both my alarms that were set to wake me in an hour.

I woke up to find that I still had some empty space in my image and wanted to brand it with more originality, as anyone could put megane on a character who would NEVER wear them. So, I took a screenshot of the OP title screen of the anime and almost instantly had an idea of what I wanted to do with it.

The result was what you saw above, and what will be seen below. You can click on both images to see their max quality. Though I am proud of my 4 hours of mediocre work, I should have been taking care of other tasks…like working on my other project that’s due Friday. Or sleeping at a realistic hour for my 8AM work shift. The latter is looking good right about now, so I shall conclude.

As always, I would love to receive patronage (i.e. comments) from anyone who reads, including anonymous people without an account. I think some RPers from the .Hack RP I’m involved with at the MegaTokyo Forum RP area click-through once in a blue moon…

SnS logoOriginal Screenshot

shakurenaifulllogoMy CG work

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ (I’ve) Lia – Birthday Song, Requiem – “Birthday Song, Requiem (Fish Tone Remix)” ]:: \\


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