Shakugan no Ren’Ai

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The reference comes from an anime I called Shakugan No Shana, or Red Eyes Shana. Margery Daw is a character from it. Of course, my pun is totally NOT in the sense of the anime’s plot…

When you sleep, wake up, arrive at class and hour later, and your body is still convulsing from lack of sleep, there is definitely something wrong.

I think my body officially hates me. Not to mention I haven’t made myself physically appealing (in my opinion) in weeks. I just keep myself secluded more times than not so no one has to gaze upon my shitty countenance.

Pulling all-nighters does not settle well with anyone, but for the sake of college, I have been doing so at least once or twice a week. My eyes are forever burning and bloodshot behind my heavily prescribed glasses straining to process pixels for hours upon hours with maxing 8 hrs of sleep in a span of three days (a 1/4 of which is midday naps) The time I have been forced to spend in front of a computer screen, reading and writing, is becoming disgusting. And even still, I’m still fucking behind on work all the time!

I’m going to cry, as I am beginning to not give a shit anymore. I really wanted to start writing a random story about a megane-ko that I would expand on every so often, but I’m so wiped out mentally, physically, and, at times, emotionally that there is no way I could start a coherent story. Not to mention I don’t have that sort of time.

Not happy with how my blogging content has degenerated due to this heavy semester either. I’m so fuckin’ dead though. Being stuck in a dark computer lab will probably result in me slamming my head into the keyboard, successfully falling asleep and freeing myself from this nerve-wreaking hell…but when there is nothing going on that I have to pay attention to, I couldn’t really give.

I need to be awake for break time though. Break time = food time…

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ KOTOKO – “4-2 1 will” ]:: \\


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