Paranoid megane-ko sleepers

meganeko31I have been told I look cute when I sleep… I don’t buy it for a second >_> If I could become a model just by sleeping, everyone would want to hire me though. I do it so damn well; like a rock. A cute rock I guess.

Let the record show that passing out with my glasses on, like the megane model in today’s picture (Shizaka Chinamii) is doing, is something I am adverse towards. I consider that potentially harmful for my glasses, but more importantly, my face. The last thing I need in my day, easily comparable to one watching a pair of squirrels chase each other’s tails – it never stops and is fuckin’ fast as hell – is to find that the metal on the nosepiece has permanently left an impression into the crevace of my nose beneath my eye AND that the alignment has been fucked up so badly that I will refuse to wear them on account that I will look like a cross-eyed, lop-eyed fool. And yes, this HAS happened to me before on more than one occasion. Long, late-night phone conversations coupled with delirium and a happy high of imagining yourself lying next to the person you have sacrified 4-5 hours of sleep to spend with them on that overheated cell phone that has been hooked to the charger for half that duration is my excuse. That’s a more endearing excuse than others could possibly have, that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Paranoid megane-ko sleepers

  1. i hate the grooves on my nosebridge from my glasses.

    “cross-eyed, lop-eyed fool”…i’ve heard of ‘lop-eared’ but not ‘lop-eyed’. that’s a really interesting description! what did you have in mind while writing that? i’d really like to hear.

    i hate phone conversations. bah. somehow it makes someone seem so longwinded. and also because i hate people listening to my horrid voice in all its crass sonority.

    i wish bloggers weren’t so busy. i want to turn 18 so i can have an adsense account someday. argghs. and yes, also so that i can get a driver’s license.

  2. I’ve considered an Adsense account, but for some reason, I don’t think I generate that sort of traffic to actually make anything come of having one. And I don’t have a unique template, so Adsense will just cause more clutter IMHO. Oh yeah…and I’m insanely busy.

    Phone convos suck depending on the individual. Some people just don’t know when to say “that’s all I called for” or “that’s all I have to say.” I hate that about people, which is why I don’t call anyone unless I have something to say.

    What did I have in mine with that phrase? Just imagine having the plastic bar that rides across your nose bent to the side, as well as the handles that go behind your ear. Then put that on someone’s face and look at their eyes. I’ve done this, and gives the illusion (or reality) of one eye appearing misaligned. I won’t wear my glasses in public if that happens…even if I can’t recognize anyone who might waves to me on campus.

    Sleeping with glasses on is an uber no no…unless you are making money doing it.

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