Ren’Ai :: Flawed Principles

meganeko30With all the time I require to spend in front of my monitor, you would think that I would have plenty of time to blog at least once a day.

Damn I wish it were that easy.

Why is that though? Well, you see, I have flawed principles. After a long, hard day’s work – my job, trying to catch up with assignments, studying, the list goes on… – I am dangerously burned out nearly every night. All I can think about is suffocating myself in my pillow, let alone actually developing some worthwhile content that I can be pleased with. My brain is too exhausted to properly utilize the fairly wide vocabulary I wield and most of the time, I have been so caught up in whatever my tasks were for that day to recall anything that I could even vaguely tool into a blog entry. Why is that flawed? I would think so because I shouldn’t really care about producing relevant content; this is my personal space after all. As an aspiring writer in the real world, however, I am HIGHLY anal-retentive when it comes to producing a written piece or article. Thus, I would rather stubbornly convince myself that I have nothing to blog about [as a megane-ko blogger], remove my glasses, and proceed to drown myself in my coma-induced drool.

By the way, I just woke up from being passed out for most of the afternoon after returning from my job. Sleep is such a waste of productivity, and I procrastinate so much as it is…which is why it’s a waste of time >_> So yeah. I should stop blogging while I’m still very much groggy and irritable. I don’t make any sense whatsoever. Mehhhhh. Have fuckin’ work to do for tomorrow…

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ David Gray – White Ladder – “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” ]:: \\


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