Megane-ko #6 – Mizuno Tamura


Name / Meganekko Type: Mizuno Tamura (Misato Urano) / Full-Time
Submitted by: Ren’Ai
Site: Megane-ko Musings

misato2Mizuno is also from Jigoku Shoujo ep. 5. While being a genius at computers, hacking, and other electronics, she rarely attends school because of her “special position” in Riho Kaifu‘s successful company. She could be perceived as being overly reclusive – she does appear a bit pale – and unapproachable. She does think on her feet, although that comes with her vengeful, crafty aims. Fortunately, she doesn’t pretend to play the cute-game, which makes her unique from most teenage megane-ko.

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// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ KOTOKO (I’VE) – Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~ OVA OP – “Trust You’re Truth ~Ashita wo Mamoru Yakusoku~” ]:: \\


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