MeganeAi Showcase Up!

meganeko28Even though I’m a day later than advertised, my showcase is now up and running. The entries that are listed are a mixture of what distinguishes my style of writing, the various subject matter I could potentially feel inclined to focus on at any given moment, ones I took notable pleasure in writing, and the few that were somehow a hit with readers. Can you say Movable Type or WordPress? That would involve purchasing server space though. Right now though, I’m barely scrounging up enough cash to keep me feeling safe. Though I hold a certain standard as a blogger, that’s just another project that will have to wait until I’m financially stable.

Whomever has been reading for a time might find my earlier entries interesting. I personally don’t like looking back on those entries, as I was honestly just blabbing about whatever was on my mind/heart for that day. I had yet to choose a concise direction, though I had a crystal clear reason of why I wanted to begin blogging. However, my focus & purpose for blogging have changed slightly for the better, I’d say.

I have also included a listing of the anime meganekko I have written up descriptions for. I am considering opening another blog just for that, but I just want to see how things play out. College is forever kicking my ass, so have to protect it as much as possible. I do have a backlog of meganekko I have yet to document, so maybe I can get to that sometime soon.

Maybe after I accomplish something other than sitting on my ass coding HTML for my blog, I’ll have a reason to take a break and blog about some very “charismatic” megane-ko. I could very well just do that now, but that would be compromising my precious time of daylight slavelabor. Have to be the responsible college student and all…for my own sake.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Leslie Parish – Initial D Non-Stop Megamix – “Remember Me” ]:: \\


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