Ren’Ai :: A FTW! recommendation

* Translation for the uninformed: FTW! = For The (T3h) Win! / If some poor soul doesn’t know what “WTF” or “LOL” means…sorry. They just failed t3h Internet. *

meganeko25Thank goodness for people with a healthy sense of humor regarding the population of idiots that are covertely attempting to infect the eptitude of hundreds of able-minded individuals.

“WTF?!” you ask?

Read this wonderfully executed caricature to know what the hell I’m talking about. You can thank Daniel for this recommendation, for I would not have received a much needed “LOL moment” if not for his direction. Mouse-over the image for more obscure information.

Oh, and it would help to have basic knowledge of anime and net/leet speak to receive the full effect. If not, just go for the ride. It’s honestly the funniest blog entry I’ve read in a while.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ (I’VE) MOMO – Ryoujoku Chikan Jigoku OP (ANIM) – “DROWNING ~Ghetto blaster style~” ]:: \\


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