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daytimenapIncise Soul :: 2-D/3-D girls & cars Gallery site

After running into this site with such a compelling name, I’ve been more heavily considering changing my blog’s name to something that doesn’t try to play on the edge of being mildly poetic, but will also be unique and entice curiosity. I’m a pretty creative individual, so I may come up with something, but I want a template change to go with it. Don’t have that kind of time to play with CSS so…I’ll wait ::pouts::

Moving on…

Why do the Japanese seem to have so much time for these sorts of things…and then do them so damn well?! I was going to share this site elsewhere, but I thought that since I tend to work with Photoshop often, and use 2-D images for all of my entries that are CGed beyond a skill I have not yet attempted, I felt I would share this with anyone who could appreciate such amazing creative work. The image today still expresses my physical/mental/emotional state as always, but this image hails from this site. I truly wish to give credit where credit is due. He makes 3-D girls for crying outloud! You can’t get better than that! Who cares about 3-D rendered car models?! Though I will admit the truth of the “guys+cars=hottgirls equation” never ceasing to surprise me every time I witness it. Aside from that, this site left me absolutely gushing for more! [Megane-ko] Girls done up in lovely CG that is.

Unfortunately, he wields a program called LightWave, a 3-D modeling/rendering program that I have never heard of until now. The reason why it’s unfortunate is because I don’t have the time or the money to pick up such a skill. I suppose I could take a course on it, but I’m pretty much booked for my last year and a half at this university. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have an elective freed up for a 3-D animation course. Now that would be wonderful…

Mmm…Nurturing my skill to make 3-D megane-ko girls…It would be great because I don’t socialize in any of my classes anyway; no one will approach me other than to congratulate me on either my great work (professor), or compliment me on how well I modeled my very attractive megane-ko while simultaneously being shoved away by yours truly because they have lost control of their salivary glands onto my shoulder (sexually-frustrated perverts).

No one would be the wiser. Other than attracting the latter group, it would be the ultimate plan.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ ARIKA – Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha – “ChunLi-Stage” ]:: \\


One thought on “Incise Soul

  1. Great blog entry. I found Incise-Soul a year ago and check in every so often. M-SR’s work is fantastic. I found your blog while trying to figure out what program he uses to do his modeling. LightWave. I’ll have to look into it! Best of luck with your studies. AAA

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