MeganeAi Showcase

meganehitsMarvel at my l33t photoshopping skillz! Click here to see what the original image was. I’m fuckin’ insane. Not to mention, anyone with the balls to remove my watermark & claim this creative work as theirs would be fuckin’ insane to screw with the likes of me.

::looks at clock for the first time in who knows how long::

Holy shit! I spent 2 1/2 hours making that image just for this entry!! I haven’t even showered or eaten yet and it’s 3:15PM! What is wrong with me…?

No no no. That’s not the question to ask yourself, Ren’Ai-chan. You simply have hardcore dedication to what you do, even if you already have a ton of schoolwork to do. ::nod nod:: Of course of course! =^ ^=

Sometime soon, I will be adding a listing of popular and/or poignant entries I have written that showcase the sort of blogger I am. That should help any potential readers understand what they are getting into. I can’t appeal to everyone, but I’m going to try to grab the collars of whomever I can. You never know who may just come along and offer me some sort of freelance writing job. Yes, I know Anime-Source did, but I do have enough on my plate [right now]. I also don’t believe I would be able to write the sort of articles they would be looking for. To be honest, I don’t think Anime-Source would help me get a paying writing job later in life.

For now, simply making a firm attempt of being a significant blogging force amidst the thousands of dead blogs out there is enough for me. There are hundreds of sites all of us are exposed to each week; so, I can only hope that anyone who finds me compelling and real enough to keep reading, does just that, and maybe, if they wish, a little bit more.

Well no one is going to read if I can’t follow proper hygiene practices…so I’m going to go freshen up, eat something, watch an episode of Shuffle! or something…then be a focused college student. I’ve screwed around enough today, and blogged three times to boot. If anyone was disappointed with my lack of blogging – I know I was, but couldn’t exactly be helped much – this HAS to make up for it.

If it doesn’t…well…on the bright side, at least one of us aren’t stingy bastards ^^

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Midicronica – “Lost Highway feat. 601 aka Kazoku” ]:: \\


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