Megane-ko Update #1

Back in my Megane-ko #3 entry, I mentioned that she may appear in later episodes of the anime, Shuffle!. Well, after watching more of this anime, my guess was correct. She does reappear in Ep. 16, and she has a friend ^^ She also is more outgoing and physical than she made herself out to be in Ep. 11. Three things are for sure though.

– She is very honest about her desires (as she is freaking out poor Nerine)
– She is not an important enough character to have a name.
– Her race is not revealed (there are humans, gods, and demons co-existing in Shuffle! Nerine is a demon, believe it or not. Maybe Hell isn’t as scary as teleevangelists make it out to be =P)

I have a few more megane-ko lined up to be blogged about. By the way, I never received a response from the owner of Ah! Megane-sama!. I had e-mailed him over a month ago from the time I began this feature in my blog. I guess he doesn’t want any outside help…oops! He already requests and receives outside help, doesn’t he? Anyway, I enjoy doing these kinds of entries, and I was only trying to offer him some assistance.

Oh well. I can only perceive this from a positive standpoint, as excessive negativity and emo music only beckons failure. And crying. Lots and lots of crying. So, if I keep doing what I’m doing, maybe I could outdo his site. I don’t see the Japanese animation market backing off anytime soon, so I might as well see what happens, right?

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Ryan Cabrerra – Take It All Away – “True” ]:: \\


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