Ren’Ai :: A Grateful Megane-ko

meganeko23I would like to extend a special thanks to Alexiel & for having my Sony Reader article published on their site. I do hope that those that have been reading it found it to be informative and worthwhile. It really does make me feel appreciated when there are sites that actually find me tolerable enough to publish. Just kidding about the “being tolerable” part ^_^

I honestly didn’t think that the members there would click the link to my blog, but I’ve received about the same number of hits that I would receive in a week’s span in one day! I am pretty sure this won’t last, but this really is a privilege to see happening for the moment, though I have no idea if those that are visiting are finding the rest of my content likable, let alone are reading it. In any case…I hope that if there is anything that Anime-Source would like to publish from me again, they are welcome to ask me. I’ll most likely say yes anyway, hehe.

Since the visitors keep coming in, I would be happy to hear what you thought of my article and/or what you think of me. Even if you don’t have a Blogger account, you can still leave an anonymous comment and just sign a name if you would like. Once again, thank you Anime-Source & Alexiel for making my week =^_^= All the best to your anime/manga community.


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