Megane-ko #3 – Sensei Admirer

It has been a while since I’ve run into another megane-ko while watching anime…Seems no one else has either. No matter.


Name / Meganekko Type: Sensei Admirer / Full Time
Submitted by: Ren’Ai
Site: Megane-ko Musings

This adorable side-character from the anime, Shuffle!, appears in Ep. 11. She seems to have a bit of a teacher complex and has adesire to become popular like her teacher. She seems to be one of the quieter ones in the class, as Nadesico, her sensei, has no idea who she is when she meets her. She appears perfectly harmless, but is either a devoted or a mediocre student; she appears during summer school. Unfortunately, she isn’t given a name, though she might reappear in later episodes.


2 thoughts on “Megane-ko #3 – Sensei Admirer

  1. Really? That’s so cool! ^^ Had no idea it was a real name. It isn’t my real name though. Just my alias. I took the name from the shortened name of Dating Sim games in Japan though.

    Wow though. I met a Japanese person that has my alias as their real name ^^ Nice to meet you..well kinda.

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