Megane-ko Need Love Too

<img style=”float:right; margin:0 0 10px 10px;cursor:arrow; cursor:arrow;” src=”; border=”0″ alt=”meganeko21″ title=”Don’t let an ‘innocent’ megane-ko turn out like this. LOVE A MEGANE-KO TODAY! I visited my very cute, but deadly megane-ko friend today around 2PM. When I arrived, she seemed a bit out of it, and I had just returned from a pleasant drive that helped clear my mind from a few things. Incidentally, I was extremely giddy for some inscrutable reason. I mean REALLY GIDDY. By the time I was in her room, I had to hold myself back from pouncing ontop of her just to give her a long, warm huggle snuggle.

Okay. I’m pretty sure that those of you who may have only read my last entry find it absolutely baffling that this is the same person blogging as it was yesterday. Well, surprise surprise. I don’t just give verbal thrashings around here. Sorry to disappoint you. :: rolls eyes ::

Anyway, if she wasn’t a black belt that could easily flip me over onto my back, use some badass grappling move to hold me down, and tickle me until I promised to never attempt to procure affection without prior notice…all in 3 seconds…I WOULD have done it without a second thought. We sat on her mini couch in her room and talked for a little while about life and where it may leads us. Being only a few inches from her, I could feel her warmth mixing with my own. I literally had to put my hand over my mouth to keep myself from giggling uncontrollably…then pouncing her again. I had no idea what was in the air, but not only could I feel her apathy about the whole concept of goals and life pursuits, I could feel that she needed some love. And I wanted so badly to be the one to give it to her.

She had been hurt in the past by another guy (as most girls my age have been), and I truly believe that she has lost all hope of finding a reason to give love to anyone. I remember her crying to me online, back when I logged into AIM religiously, telling me about this jerkoff she was seeing. Yeah, I hated the guy, and still refuse to say his name for fear of biting my own tongue. We now hate him together – a beautiful thing indeed – but it seems that I’m the only one who can understand her and give affection to her in a way that lines up to her manner of living.

Somehow, I believe that some megane-ko tend to hide their affections and emotions behind their glasses. They use it as a shield, and would prefer to not expose their true identity and feelings because they are under the impression that no one will understand their ways. Taking off my glasses either means I am taking a shower, going to bed, or about to make out with someone. Other than that, they are ALWAYS on because I feel safe with them on. My overwhelming desire to leave myself to only my sense of touch is kept constrained. Though one is more emotionally driven than the others, all three are signs of shedding their “shield” for a necessary or inevitable purpose. Their entire countenance now lay claim to the world around them, for they have lost their ability to use their glasses conceal themselves. Glasses do, indeed, hide the true person beneath them; for I believe if I were able to remove my friend’s glasses/contacts, she would feel more powerless than usual. Her control of her visual world would be inhibited, thus leaving herself open to simple tactile affection and/or emotional alignment.

Of course this never means that if you remove someone’s glasses that they will kneel to your beck and call. All this means is that taking away one’s glasses, from a female point of view, could potentially open up a new way of perceiving oneself when it comes to giving and receiving love. Just think: If I was that impassioned to extend my affection to a good friend who clearly was deficient of love and affection in her life [like me] with my glasses on, I might have asphyxiated the poor girl with my overflow of free affection. I am still a virgin, but I have messed around, sometimes unwillingly…but as soon as the glasses came off, I most definitely was not your resident Ren’Ai.

If this doesn’t make any sense, remember this: Sleep is a necessity for all and should never be defied…even for the sake of a blog entry…zzzzz…

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ I’VE – Dirty Gift – “Last Movement” ]:: \\


3 thoughts on “Megane-ko Need Love Too

  1. Very interseting, I just found your blog on a forum and read the couple of the articles and it gave me a whole new perspective on things.

  2. That’s what I try to do, you new person you! Glad you came around to read. Most of all, glad you enjoyed them enough to get something out of them. Bye now! ^^

  3. I also wear glasses, therefore i am a megane-kun(glasses-boy/man).
    Yes, i love wearing my glasses, except for sleeping and showering.
    I kiss with glasses on, hoping my glasses will touch those of the girls/women i kiss.
    There’s something exhiliarating about it.
    I even had sex with glasses, but those where two horrid experiences with women whom i didn’t love at all. 8(
    I fooled around with another woman while wearing my glasses.
    So i really want to wear them.

    It’s not that i hide behind them, no no no no…
    But they do help me with being conscious about myself and somehow they help me focus my expressions, etc.
    I like how my glasses enhance the looks of my face.
    I won’t dare try wearing lenses, not even for GOC(Glasses Over Contacts), even if i’d get 20/20 vision, one can buy glasses with lenses without any prescription.
    And i also like wearing them because they make feel more connected to meganekko than i would feel without them.

    Yes, meganekko can use glasses to hide behind, but glasses, in my opinion, should be used to amplify one’s beauty, charm, cuteness, attractiveness and not as a shield to seperate oneself from others.

    What i’m curious about is whether you’re a megane-kun or a meganekko.
    I ask because it’ll clarify much of the blog to me.
    While i think you’re an meganekko, at first i thought you were a megane-kun, as mostly guys have this knack for meganekko and your writing does make sense in that direction too, but still i’m in some doubt.

    Anyways, bye bye und bis nächstes Mal, eure Kyau vs. Albert?
    Eh, zie je later, Barachem.

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