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meganeko20I need to apologize for the cliffhanger. Been feeling a bit sick and unnecessarily emotional lately. Didn’t think that would be the best condition to write this entry in. Incidentally, my overarching awning of apathy and the craptastic weather doesn’t do much for my writing either. I’ve kept this bottled up long enough though. Should have wrote it as soon as I was “inspired.” Damn fatigue…

By the way, this will be an entry like the outbound linking one. In other words, not particularly informative.

As a blogger who enjoys receiving visitors as much as the next person [who actually gives a shit about the quality of their content for public viewing], I love getting inbound links. Inbound links and outbound links make the internet go ’round, right? So whomever goes out of their way to give me a bit of “google-juice” is doing me a favor. Now that sounds all good and fine, from the uneducated point of view, but what about the context in which that “favor” is lended? This goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: The person who is giving me linkage has to put my linkage in a certain context that would be theirs to choose. I have two perfect examples of inbound linking that really affected me in different ways; one in a positive way, and the other in a quite fucked-up way. Don’t worry, you’ll understand soon enough.

My fellow blogger, Daniel, who has been supporting my blog since nearly the beginning, left a “clever and un-subtle” inbound link to my blog. The context in which that link was left in was a very appreciative manner, as he was thanking me in the public domain of his blog for the honest-to-goodness commentary that I have been freely distributing to him lately. He even gave very kindhearted references about my blog that would encourage others to check out, even if it was only to read the comment I replied to his with. I, of course, extended my sincere thanks to him for doing such a thing, as he is the first blogger to ever reference my blog in their entry. Incidentally, I received a few more new visitors than usual. To have his support of my blog and my writings means much to me. Would you believe that this beautiful blog-to-blog relationship was all because of him finding a solitary inbound link from Alexiel‘s blog? Yes, this is so, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have Daniel’s support and encouragement behind me and my heartfelt intentions of reaching out to those who find pleasure in the topic matter I mentioned in my reflective entry that finalized my belief in my worthiness of the title of “blogger.”

Which segues into my latter thoughts of what inbound linking could potentially induce.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for some time should remember my jubilant and firmly supported entry, Opinionated Megane-ko. If that didn’t jog your memory, maybe this will: ROCK HARD ASS! Sounds like some horrible excuse for a eccentric-driven gameshow that got imported from Japan to the US, just to see how it would be accepted among the 23.1% of the obese population within the US. Anyway, I thoroughly found intense joy in writing an entry like that, as it was open-minded (I gave him the benefit of the doubt), bluntly honest (as all my entries are anyway), and very much non-confrontational (I did not attack him or his blog). I was merely making an opinionated case of why he had abstained from publishing my comment in his blog.

I now direct you to his most recent entry that showcases him making false accusations about who I am, and why I blog without knowing SHIT about me! Thing is, he inbound linked me TWICE! I just HAD to return the favor somehow. I’ll go through this one point at a time, quoting EVERY word he said, for the sake of showing my readers what the context that you should NOT use with inbound linking, especially if you are going to try to be fucking passive when you are insulting someone because you can’t support shit about what you’re saying! And this time, for him pulling this shit, I’m NOT going to be candid about what I have to say. Oh, and just for the sake of saying, I read through his entry multiple times, unlike a certain individual who can’t get off his rock hard ass and do the same.

Man, this girl is kinda into this whole blogging thing!

Damn right I am! I love to blog. That’s why I do it. I love to write in a voice that grabs attention that I could not do in a newspaper. My profile does state that I am an aspiring writer after all.

She was going on and on about how Xiaxue is her No.1 blogging idol and how I had only written ” two average sized paragraphs focusing on my dear Xiaxue” and how she had to turn off her “obscenity blaster” when commenting on my posting.

You mean like how your sentence goes on and on? In that case, I think you should get the award for that one. For the sake of actually responding to this run-on sentence: Yes, Xiaxue is my #1 blogging role model NOT idol. You would have known that if you read. Idolizing people is unhealthy. No, I was not insulting your choice of paragraph size. Yes, I turned off my “obscenity blaster” for an asshole like you…except I did not consider you one when I was writing that entry. I actually had respect for you as an individul and as someone who blogs.

This is coming from a wannabe-Xiaxue, someone seeking fame and popularity and trying to make a lazy-ass living off her blog (like Xiaxue) so she doesn’t have to work like everybody else. I didn’t even bother to read through this entire posting of hers. As you can even tell from the title “Megane Ko – Blogger in the Making or Not” she’s really into this blogging thing and is probably determined to make it as a pro-blogger! woohoo

…There is a good chance I may have shrugged this whole thing off if it weren’t for this last bit. This really is the fuckin’ kicker, people…

HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU GET OFF SAYING SUCH IGNORANT BULLSHIT?! (I absolutely hate writing all caps sentences, but for this fool-hearty asshole, I’m making an exception, alright. I truly am thoroughly pissed off.) You couldn’t even get off YOUR lazy rock hard ass and read my entire entry for what it was, and you have the audacity to say that I’m trying to make a lazy-ass living?!

Fuck. You.

You don’t know the kind of life I live. You don’t know where the fuck I come from. You don’t know how damn hard I had to work to get to where I am now, which is still lightyears from where I want to be. You don’t even know how much in debt I am right now just because I want a Bachelor’s degree THAT MUCH. Really, that has shit to do with why I blog. I already stated why I blog, and if I get famous for it, then YAY ME! I’m going to make sure that people here what I have to say here because I want my voice to be heard, just like any writer or aspiring writer.

Do you seriously believe that when Xiaxue just started her blog, in the midst of her blogging about her daily life and the friends she has/had, thought she would become the #1 Asian blog? Have you even looked into her starting entries to see where she came from and where she is now? Do you think she EVER had any inclination that she would actually be making money from sharing her personal life with 30,000+ readers? I’m confident that if you asked her yourself, she would say something along these lines: “Of course not. I was just a regular Singaporean girl writing about her life and troubles. I still write about similar things as I did back then…except now I’m famous, older, and can make a living doing it.” So, I’m a wannabe-Xiaxue, am I? From the questions that I stated above, yes, I am a wannabe-Xiaxue; I write for myself and those who find my writings worthwhile, recreational, and able to relate through. However, in your context, you are saying that “just like Xiaxue,” I am too lazy to get a real job like everyone else, that I blog because I want to make money because I’m just a superficial glutton like that, and that fame & popularity would obviously coincide with my undoubtedly apparent purpose for blogging: money.

Do the Internet a favor and go back to the hole in the ground that you came from, as you are by far the most pretentious, arrogant, presumputous idiot I have ever come across in the cyber-community. You better fuckin’ enjoy those inbound links I’m giving you, asshole. They will be the last.

And that is what inbound linking can do for you! :: cheezy grin + thumbs up ::

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ I’VE – Air Original Compilation Album – Ornithopter – “Yoru Sou” ]:: \\


4 thoughts on “Ren’Ai :: Views on Inbound Linking

  1. oh my, i realised that in that link you gave to my site, the URL i typed for your blog was wrong. I left out the ‘e’. oh no!

    thanks for you referencing to me on nearly all your posts.

    i am so flattered. i think we both share the feeling that it is not quite necessary in any case, don’t we?

    LOL. just kidding. do what you like. i stand neutral to the attention i receive, whether it is deserved or not. heh.

    good (verbal) thrashing, anyways.

  2. Haha, that’s okay. If you changed the url, then that’s okay too. It was nice to be referenced in your blog, even though we have two different writing styles & reasons for blogging ^^ And indeed I will keep doing what I like. Referencing you when applicable, that is =P

    As for the “good (verbal) thrashing,” I don’t have much to say on that. I usually only let loose on a concept or grouping, rather than directly at an individual. Obviously, there are times when a person MUST be put in their place. This was one of those times. Nonetheless, thanks for trudging through the malestrom that was this entry. You truly are the bravest reader I have, haha =^_^=

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