Happy New Year! :: from Ren’Ai ::

So I’m an hour late. I was talking to my sweetheart on the new years and got a call from an old best friend. Sorry for the tardiness? =P Yes, I’m in a pleasant mood =^_^=

Well…with my crappy Photoshopping skills, I did a little editting to this image. I hope someone likes it. In case you don’t understand what this adorable megane-ko version of Rabi en Rose from DiGi Charat is doing, I was trying to create the illusion of her watching fireworks by having them reflect of her lenses. Oh, and unlike the other ones, you can click on this one to get the whole 1024×768 image. Great for desktop backgrounds, if you choose to use it for that. I kept it that big for anyone who wanted to do something with it. It’ll probably just wind up getting editted over just like I did with it, and the person before me did, but hey…Happy New Year nonetheless.

I’ll be starting off the new year right with a nice little entry that I think certain people may appreciate or want to ridicule me more for. I’ll give a hint: inbound links. It doesn’t tie in with my last entry, but I’ve been itching to blog about it since I came across such a “gem” the other night. Hope I’ll still be in the same mindset to get my point across.

Anyway…This is my humble present, from me to anyone who reads this blog. Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring enough to read. And most importantly, thank you for listening, as my words really do come from the heart, no matter how vulgar, obscene, or confrontational they are. I don’t mind criticism for it – everyone is entitled to their opinions & no person is perfect or always right, though “right & wrong” is highly subjective anyway – and I sure as hell don’t mind the kindness from the few who give it, but there is something that I absolutely WON’T tolerate…

…Stay tuned to the next entry to find out. And while you’re at it, consider sticking around to see what will become of me in this new year. This may just turn out to be one of the best ever.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ – ]:: \\


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