Ren’Ai :: Views on Outbound Linking

meganeko19Consider the latter as a diversion of my stream of thought from my previous entry. I actually wrote nearly all of this while I was typing that one up.

What got me considering these things [in my previous entry] was a blogger that commented on my “Pacman entry” a while back. I still read his blog often, but don’t link to it, as I don’t think it fits my criteria for the audience I am trying to reach. His most recent entry, Why I’ve Linked Those That I’ve Linked, explains why he links to the blogs/sites that he does, actually. I completely agree with this methodology of not recommeding anything that he wouldn’t read on the spot. However, with me, I also consider linking a privilege that can be earned.

For example, someone who leaves thoughtful comments periodically AND whose blog/site is filled with thought-provoking/honest/human content, as they are clearly NOT a literary [emo] stain on the net (e.g. Daniel) is worth linking to. (Yeah, I know I keep referencing him, but what can I say? He has much what I respect in blogging, and does it with a subtle air, without a second thought almost.) Or someone like Alexiel, who never comments on my entries, but has openly supported my blogging to the point of making me a really adorable ad banner is also worth linking to. That person is probably the only one who actually uses to link to me. Not to mention the other sites I link to I simply find amusing or stimulating. Luke actually sums up why I read Outpost Nine: I [Azrael] Am A Japanese School Teacher with concise precision.

Even if I link to somewhere that isn’t necessarily related to my blog’s focus, my readers that do click on the links will not receive garbage. I do hope to find more blogs that I can support, simply because they are well-versed megane-ko, or just have really nice pictures that I like, but that’s going to take some time. There are surprisingly not many blogs/sites out there that have written news articles or have a section of nice images of megane-ko. The majority of them I don’t find worthwhile. I would hope that at least one of the links I do have will be to your liking, however, as I don’t just put them there for my conveinenece. If nothing else [to you], they are another gateway to understanding who I am, and what I find pleasurable/worthwhile content.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Lia – Enigmatic – “You Are…~OMEGA FORCE mix~” ]:: \\


3 thoughts on “Ren’Ai :: Views on Outbound Linking

  1. You’re very welcome.

    I’m glad I can have that sort of affect on you. It’s fun to make people speechless, especially by complimenting them. Even better when the compliment is true, right? ^^

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