Ren’Ai Rant :: cute megane-ko sold separately ::

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Fuck. I hate ranting. I really need to though…

I’ve been such a lazy ass all weekend, including the sorry excuse for yesterday that it was. Like 0 motivation to blog, having weird dreams of giving a blowjob to someone – this is coming from someone who hasn’t given ANYONE a blowjob…but have had daydreams of it – and have been pretty feverish for most of yesterday afternoon. The waning desire to blog has been going strong since my Saturday, but those other two things only apply to yesterday. I’ve just been watching my hits falter once again to near nothing, with the only solution being to blog. Even then, I didn’t feel like doing shit about it, as I have had little occur while on Winter Break, but here I am, blogging at an ungodly hour just so I can feel accomplished in some way. Being cranky and in need of some lovin’ doesn’t help any either.

Ever have that strange sensation of needing someone next to you, but at the same time you want everyone the fuck away? Yeah. That was me for like the entire afternoon into evening. My sweetheart wasn’t around at all today, so I guess that has something to do with my mood. The only reason why I got up from sleeping for 4 hours because I’m too stubborn to take meds for headaches (and I was drowsy for some reason) was because I thought she may have contacted me. Seeing as how the opposite happened, I decided to finally eat some leftover food that family made yesterday, then drown my sorrows in anime. I was fortunate to have friends to talk to me when I really needed it. I was all meh-like, but they still stuck around and talked to me. Supposed to be hanging out with them tomorrow, so we just talked about that mostly & repeatedly pwned my friend with my dry sarcasm. Always makes for a good laugh, though my head was pounding so much I didn’t dare crack a smile the whole time. They’re used to that, and they knew my physical condition, so they just acted normally…

…and fuckin’ joked me about my pain. Ah, I love them; my cute megane-ko friend & my other okay-looking guy friend with nice hair that I had that extremely awkward dream about. It wasn’t awkward at the time…but I would hope you get what I mean.

Oh, and just for the sake of potentially pissing this person off, though I am doing this because I find her to be a pretty megane-ko, check out this Singaporean blog: LIFE SUCKS. I read her entries, even though I try to stay away from “everyday life” blogs, unless they are compelling and smart, like Daniel‘s & Xiaxue‘s. Incidentally, I find myself relating, on some base level, to her angsty, self-deprecating, superficial teenage banter. I wonder why…=^_^=

Either way, I thought it was worth mentioning. Whether you agree with me or not is, as usual, your subjective opinion. I actually did request if I could blog about her, but have not been responded to. So, any of my personal commentary was short and sweet. In all seriousness, I hope she does not mind me pointing the few readers I have to her pictures. If you actually do go and leave a comment on her tagboard, mention that I sent you. She thought I would just be a “passer-by who just happened upon her blog.” Boy, was she mistaken, heheh. In some ways, I just wanted to be pretentious (god, I love that word!) and shove that statement back in her face. The other civil part of me actually was curious as to what this “pissed off” SG girl had to say.

Well that settles it. This entry will NOT count as filler after all.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ KOTOKO – “Hitorigoto (Instrumental)” ]:: \\


2 thoughts on “Ren’Ai Rant :: cute megane-ko sold separately ::

  1. me? compelling/smart? hmm. what a compliment. i’ve never thought of my writing in that manner.

    i guess the blowjob dream was a little irrelevant, don’t you think.

  2. Damn you, Daniel…You realize that last statement you gave made me beet-red in the face? :: sighs :: Now I look just like that megane-ko I used for this entry. It was fine while I was writing it, as it was a rant of my thoughts after all. I wouldn’t call it irrelevant though, since I hate sugar-coating reality…not that I don’t see what you mean when you see what the content majority is.

    And of course your blog is compelling and smart. Just how you justify the name of your blog gives you a uniqueness right there. You have passion. You even have visible struggles with difficult questions of life. Your writing is human. And besides, you inspire me to get a crowd of supporters like you do ^ ~ hehe

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