Megane-ko RSS Feed Source

You would be surprised with how many people don’t understand or have working knowledge of methods to get their work out there on the Internet, let alone making their Internet experience much more streamlined. I’m always up for learning new things, especially if it will get this blog out to various audiences of people that I’m attempting to reach through my writings.

One of these methods that I have been procrastinating on utilizing is the RSS Feed. I was already aware that Blogger automatically gives me an Atom XML address, but having started this blog during my time in college, I was always too lazy to do anything more than read articles on them when they were shoved in my face via e-mail.

This morning, however, I finally buckled down and did some RSS web syndication for this blog. It was as simple as all the articles about it boast. I even came across this website called BlinkBits that maintains a database of over 10,000,000 topics that are all connected via news topics, pictures, & RSS feeds. Funny thing is, I ran a search for “megane-ko” and there wasn’t one there! So what did I do? Yup! I made my own “blink” just by typing it in. The site did the rest of the work for me. The most satisfying result was this:

The Megane-ko RSS Feed Source: created by yours truly ^ ~

I don’t know about you, but doing something like this is VERY healthy for the ego, ESPECIALLY when the only megane-ko blog in the megane-ko list is YOURS! In other words, MINE! ^_^ The site also picked up some really cute pictures of cosplaying megane-ko, which I may use in the future hehe. I don’t really like using real girls/women, but I think of it this way: If they didn’t want people like me picking up their picture, then they wouldn’t place it on the net. Not like I’m defacing images, but rather showing my wuv and affection for “t3h cute ones” (Megatokyo reference ❤).

In addition to starting that up, I syndicated my blog to a few different RSS directories, & got myself a little RSS icon for all you net-savvy people who actually find my blog worth keeping up with in that way. See my Links section for updates. If you still don’t understand what the heck I’m talking about after spoon-feeding you all those links, read this SiteProNews article I got in my e-mail today. If you decided to try it, I strongly suggest getting yourself an RSS reader. I use FeedReader. I doubt it’s the best out there, but it does the job. Google others if you don’t like it. Just to warn you, you have to REALLY like getting RSS feeds and rely on them like a baby relies on breasts. Though the icon is on my Desktop, I only open the program maybe once or twice a week because it has yet to become a habit. This leads me to believe that RSS feeds are not for everyone, but it does streamline the process of not having to “surf the net.”

That article finally got me off my ass for my blog. Maybe it will do the same for you. These are some RSS feeds that I’m subscribed to (Hurhur! An excuse to open up FeedReader XD):

  • Otaku News =
  • Anime News Network =
  • MegaTokyo = (Ooo! New comic came out early! ^_^)
  • SlashDot =
  • Mainichi News =
  • Word of the Day =
  • Megane-ko Fated Musings = (+1 ego boost, w00t!)

    Wound up giving all of them instead of some. Someone BETTER damn well make use of them…!

    // ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Sega – Panzer Dragoon Orta – “Orta Remix” ]:: \\

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