Opinionated Megane-ko

The following entry will be essentially my take on why blog-hopping and giving constructive commentary on entries you find intriguing, for the sake of building relationships with fellow persons who blog, doesn’t always come through.

At least not for someone as wildly outspoken like me, or so it seems.

While checking out Xiaxue‘s Technorati links, I came across a peculiar titled blog known strictly as ROCK HARD ASS. Yes, I kid you not. Now don’t you tell me that you would ignore such a vividly entitled blog just out of sheer curiosity to know what in the hell this person blogs about. I know I would.

And I did. Unfortunately, this is where this seemingly miniscule issue arises.

Upon clicking the link that referenced Xiaxue in this individual’s blog, I was greeting by an especially ordinary entry title, Blogging. I’m obviously going to read what this person has to say because if he had something to say about Xiaxue, then I want to know, especially if it is in regards to blogging. If I haven’t stated this enough in a past entry, Xiaxue has become my #1 role model when it comes to blogging. Mind you, just because that is true, I am not biased towards her and will give someone the benefit of the doubt if they have a negative opinion or a viewpoint that is conflicting with mine that is intelligibly supported with hard facts. I am out to make a dent in the blogosphere after all, so it would be highly closed-minded of me to restrict my opinions to mere bias.

So anyway, I read the entry and point out two average sized paragraphs focusing on my dear Xiaxue. I immediately had something to reply with, but I reread the entire entry again to make sure that I wasn’t about to make an ass of myself with what I was about to comment with. Seeing as how I had full supportive basis for what I was about to type, I responded; quite candidly I might add. Those who have received comments from me know that I am a very fun-loving individual and treat people with respect, as they are supporting my blog by reading and commenting themselves. I’m not about to bad-mouth people who like me, unless I know that they know that I would only do so in jest. However, I didn’t know this person who blogs, so as a respectful individual to a complete stranger, I turned off my “obscenity-blaster” that I rightfully utilize if I feel obliged in my own blogging, and compensated by using my “listen-to-what-I-say machine gun.”

“Just to warn you, I refuse to sugarcoat what I am feeling at any point in time.

“I am an avid reader of Xiaxue’s blog. She is very much a role model to me and a perfect example of what it means to have one’s key niche in the blogging scene. She speaks so frank and openly about her feelings towards her life and her friends because that is her voice as a blogger. Only a complete dunce would be blind to the fact that if she has those friends, they clearly support her and understand that she is a celebrity with a cultivated persona. If you took some time and checked out her archives, you would see that even before fame “went to her head,” as you so claim it has, that was her voice and niche back then. Her blog was her life from the start. She withheld nothing, and her outlandish approach to many issues is what got her famous and all those awards. If she did not love blogging, she would not have become as commercialized as she is.

“Also, if you haven’t noticed this yet, she blogs for a living. It is her job. Of course she is blogging for more exposure. She has fans. People read for entertainment and for an exclusive look into her flamboyant lifestyle. Why wouldn’t she do just that. If she suddenly changed her voice as a blogger, it wouldn’t be Xiaxue. Just like if I changed my voice as who I am, it wouldn’t make me who I am.

“So before you go and pass judgement on anyone who blogs, perhaps you should open your mind a little, delve in just a bit deeper, and check out the bigger picture. It will surely save you the trouble of running into people like me who happen to be heavily opinionated free-thinkers.

“Of course, if you have a rebuttle, I’ll be happy to hear it, as I am a reasonable fellow blogger ^ ~”

You’re probably wondering this: “If you have your comment to grab from his (because no woman I know would have a blog named RockHardAss) blog, doesn’t that mean that he actually valued your opinion?”

Ha! And that’s where you are sorely mistaken.

Something inside of me told me that this individual, in all his rock-hard-assed glory, would not publish my comment in his blog. You don’t have to berade me with the obvious; that people who blog have a right to publish and not to publish other people’s comments. I know that already, but so far the only comments I’ve ever had to decline were from those annoying blog bots. The only reason why I have my comment to reference was because I saved it just so I could blog about it later if my feeling was right (Jackpot! ^ ~). I was waiting for his next entry so I would know without a doubt that he had to have declined my comment.

I don’t think that my comment was offensive, derrogatory, and worth belittling. I even told the guy he could offer a rebuttle if he didn’t like what I had to say. I simply believe that if someone makes a comment that isn’t inherently threatening to the reputation or well-being of the individual AND their blog – rather, it contributes to the constructiveness, life, and worth of the entry, in that someone actually HAD something to respond with – that there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be published. Regardless of how vehemently opinionated I am, my comment was worth publishing. In any case, it was published…HERE!

So tell me: Am I just a whiny little attention-whore bitch who seeks attention wherever possible or am I actually on to something here?

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ (I’ve) EIKO – ULYSSES – “Mosquito” ]:: \\


4 thoughts on “Opinionated Megane-ko

  1. Oh, meh, I have to disagree with you on some points about XiaXue… it’s difficult,really, to term her or just label her. It really would be unfair to say she is crude, because some of her entries do have that finesse of thought.

    However, as a reader, sometimes, I can’t help but be visibly disappointed at how all her entries are all so full of needless rancor and anger and vulgarities. It also gets worse as she seems to discuss only herself, her looks, and basically everybody who criticizes her. Initially, I felt that some of the people were really nasty and wrong to her, but in the long run, I was tired of her ranting and quit reading her blog.

    I wouldn’t say she is the master of blogging; but who really can be defined as the masters? The popular blogs? I would likely say, her ranting isn’t the sort that I would patron for a leisurely read, although the photos are rather amusing.

    I think Xiaxue also has a very violent way of approaching criticism, such as, “please use less expletives”. Her reaction is as discourteous and single-minded that I can’t help but think she may have lost some of her sponsors that way. We’re giving her a choice to listen or not when we criticize her, but we’re not giving her an automated final decision to hurl needless, coarse obscenities at us.

    The Very Peace-Loving Thing that is Occasional A Scrooge

  2. Hi buddy,
    i dont want to make any comment about about XiaXue…
    i think that everyone has same right which i had. So it is u to decide only how you want to live yor life.

    And specialy there is never right or wrong, it is upto an individual that he/she likes that or not.
    I am here in this world to live my own life, which i want to live not the way what other wants.
    Actualy the fucking problem with this world is that they live the image life. means that they take other people as mirror and see themselev in that mirror. So such kind of people can never be prime movers,who lead the world.

    So i always suggest to the peole that live yor life only.


  3. I hear what you are saying, Jasmine. Perhaps I haven’t been reading her blog for a long enough time. However, I would say that I have been reading long enough to understand why she blogs. Xiaxue, or any blog for that matter, is a matter of acquired taste. Once the taste goes sour, it is only logical to purge the taste from one’s mouth. That is what it seems you did, and for someone who seems to understand me – I don’t like labeling people unless it is related to me (e.g. Xiaxue is my #1 role model) – I have make a point to not criticize you or anyone else for how you have come to view her or anyone else’s chosen voice in their blog. I do my best to stick by what I have been saying about myself from the start: If you don’t like what I have to say, leave. I would say that Xiaxue clearly takes this approach, though she may become very heated under unjustly or blatantly unintelligible commentary.

    And Vicky, it seems you really liked my comment about the voice that one has, either as a writer or individual. I agree that people should be their own persons and not mirror themselves after anyone else. However, I would think that to say that those who do mirror themselves after a certain person can never be prime movers is presumptuous. There are people who model themselves after an individual, and there are millions of reasons why they would decide to do that. I would only agree with you on the terms that those who allow their own sense of individuality to be compromised are truly not going to be anything more than carbon copies of those before them. Only then would I say that they would not be “prime movers;” they wouldn’t have anything original to offer the world, and those people are the ones who will miss out on truly living their life to the fullest.

    With all that said, it seems neither of you had a opinion about the core of my entry: my case regarding responding to comments. That’s okay though. You both found something else to focus on in that entry. That’s fine by me. Thank you for your comments ❤

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