Ren’Ai Megane Workout Session!

I’ve been one hell of a slacker lately when it comes to keeping in proper shape. This isn’t saying that I’ve been stuffing my face with miscellaneous objects of goodness, but rather I have not been on top of my personal fitness practices. You would think that someone like me would only be engrossed in their studies and work, as that is the overrated stereotype of megane-ko, but that is far from the truth. I’m one of those megane-wearing individuals that really value health as well as high mental health. I only have myself to thank that I realized the importance of pursuing this equilibrium of health in mind, body, and even spirit.

So yeah. I said I was a slacker right? Well last night, I had an over-abundance of free time – something I rarely have while on campus – after finally obtaining the alone time I have wanted all week away from a certain megane-ko. Being all cuddly with her and such isn’t such a bad thing…sometimes, but when it gets to the point where it’s almost expected that I concede to letting her stay in my room for no reason whatsoever, that is where I draw the line and become exceedingly annoyed and distant. Fortunately, a phone call and an offer of an outing, that I had good reason to decline, saved me from sitting in complete silence with her, which then led to me waiting for the time that I had told a requited crush of mine that I would be back to talk to her. Would you believe she isn’t a megane-ko?! Of course you wouldn’t…but that’s because I am the megane-wearer in question that she finds sexy, hehe.

Anyway! An over-abundance of honest-to-goodness free time; like 45 minutes of it. I spent about 15 minutes gathering up some Stepmania songs I had been meaning to put into a playlist of some sort, let the songs run, stretched out, and initiated my own training session in the comfort of my own room. It was like 7:30ish, so it was still early. I was in the mood to do something a little different than usual to get my blood flowing, like practice my punches and kicks. I’m a novice martial artist, so I have an idea what the heck I’m doing and know stances to do them in. Following my reps of jabs, front kicks, and side kicks, I did my normal crunches, push-ups (diamond & regular), and dancing around to high-energy techno music.

I love pretending like I can do Para Para (1st image), while mixing it with martial arts (3rd image = Maya Natsume & Shin Natsume from Tenjou Tenge) and my decent DDRing (2nd image) ability. I actually feel like I can dance well ^^

I always manage to make my workouts fun, but never seem to make enough time to do them except while I’m out of school. I can’t have half as much fun working out at home as I do while in my own personal dorm room. Hope if I go to Japan sometime, I can have a nice area to practice in too. Even better! A dojo to join so I can learn swordplay and actually get better at my innate skill at martial arts! Wai~! So excited just thinking about it! I’m also listening to more DDR music I downloaded, so I’ve been all bouncy and happy while writing this, hehe. I ADORE this song that I’m listening to right now (see bottom). Every time there is some sort of DDR thing at my college, I always hope they have this song…and they do! I love the skips; they go so well with the energy in this song. I’ve looped it maybe about 10 times already. So fun!! :: laughs giddily ::

Okay okay. I know whomever reads this blog often is not used to this side of me, so I’ll spare you all any more shock of this overly jovial, hyperness entry that could potentially rot your teeth from how cute it is =P I need a shower for sure after last night. Bye bye for now!

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ 4 Strings – DDR MAX 2 USA – “Take Me Away (into the night) (radio edit)” ]:: \\


4 thoughts on “Ren’Ai Megane Workout Session!

  1. finally i see something real. this is starting to sound like one of my friends, jasmine. i think you know her – she tags a lot on my tagboard.

    yeah anyway. good to know you’re enjoying yourself. i’ve never tried a para para machine so far despite the fact that they’re in ABUNDANCE in singapore.


    as for poker..well I think i’m a little selective about what i want to know and what I don’t. So i guess in the case of poker, i’m not so interested…

  2. By real, I do hope you mean in images.

    Yeah, I do find time to enjoy myself, even if I don’t blog about it. I have only seen on Para Para machine in my life, and back then, I didn’t have a clue what to make of it, as I was still improving in DDR. Wonder why there are so many in SG.

    It’s fine if you don’t care about poker. I don’t research it either. Also, I don’t think I’ll be playing for a while.

  3. Heh, para-para. Guess what? While all the nasty older guys snerk away at my lousy dancing, I still pwn them with my couldn’t-care-less, hit-all-the-sensors, top-high-score-board dancing. Mmmff.

  4. Hehe. Whatever works, right? Nasty older guys snerk at you though? In the US, they probably would just be looking at your ass the whole time simply because you’re asian, not saying “Oh wow! I could so totally outdance this girl, hurhur!”

    I’ve never actually played on a machine before, but hey, I can dream that I can actually dance/play/pwn like you can.

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