Devoted Irresponsibility At Its Best

Hel - from Matentei Ragnarok LokiFuckin’ lack of sleep and studying for finals…

Two days in a row without an entry, and here I am bitching about the people who don’t come to my blog often. Dammit…I must be perceived as so hypocritical right now. What actually saves me from completely shaming my miniscule reputation as an up-and-coming blogger is the fact that I have not been the healthiest individual in the last few days. The fact that I can barely remember yesterday, despite all the running around I did – I felt like I was in a freakin RPG quest; running around in circles, talking to key NPCs, and completing mission after mission for the all-encompassing reason that I’ve not been the most responsible college student these few years – proves this. Not to mention that when I am awoken by a phone call at 5PM in December (take note that by this time, it is nearly pitch black outside) asking me to meet them somewhere at 9, and then proceed to flip out because I think it’s 5AM, I’m not exactly in the best mindset to blog about anything. Most people who take naps in the mid afternoon would not have this confusion of time and place. So, what makes me different? I was in the middle of making up for sleep for the near 36 hours that I had been awake for.

My reason for not getting any real sleep whatsoever until 3PM?


Yeah. I was playing fuckin’ poker from 1AM until 9:00AM. Damn my housemates – yeah, the same ones from this entry – and their obsession with having a single winner. AND THERE WERE ONLY THREE OF US PLAYING! Most indubitably the longest poker game EVER in my house. I would have been long since out of the game when I bet foolishly hard on the first hand and lost everything within 10 minutes of the game starting, but for the sake of having the game actually last, I was lent a little bit of money in chips. The last time I had played poker was November 19, so I was seriously rusty in my strategy. Incidentally, in a matter of 3-4 hours, I had made back what I had lost ($5) & tripled up + some (around $18) without being kicked from the game again. I can’t tell you how many massive hands I won and how many times I flabbergasted my friends with the unthinkable. For example, I devastated my friends with Triple Jacks one hand, then Quad 5s in the latter hand, two of which were already my dealt hand. Honestly, I was stunned at how well I was doing, though lately, I have been – I had already paid my friend back the money he lent me to stay in, and had given that same friend money so that he could keep playing, since I would not have been current chip leader if he had not done the same for me. Never had to buy in either, nor was I planning on doing so from the start.

Eventually, my other intellectual friend was ejected from the game, having already bought in twice. I was left to play “Heads up” with my more experienced friend. We had already raised the “blinds” to 20 & 40 cents, which was freakin’ hell on my chip pile. He, being the more experienced Heads up player, made swift work of me, forcing me to “fold” hand after hand, immediately gaining the chip advantage on his side, and dwindled me down to about $4. By this time, it was around 8:45AM, but I had already begun to feel sluggish around 7:30. Not the best situation to be playing a stressful game like this under. We finally agreed for me to just take back the $5 I started with, while he walked away with $31. I won’t lie, I was pissed at how he repititiously walked all over me, earning back all that I had won, while simultaneously bringing his ego back to a redivivus (:: is subscribed to Word of the day :: yay XD) state. That was fine with me, as none of that $31 was from me ^ ~ I was commended for my playing, even though I pissed him off with my “illogical strategy” at one point, both of which has been happening more and more often. Definitely not something I want to invest time and money from my pursuit of writing though. It’s just a way to spend time with friends that I don’t get to have fun with often, though we live in the same place. They are great guys and make me laugh so much, so…it’s worth losing $5 over sometimes.

Oh yeah. I had to be at a sorry excuse for a “final exam” at 9:30AM. I wasn’t complaining though, as I have it much easier than most students. Had enough time to get a shower, get some food at the building where the final was held, get bitched at by some Computer Lab personell fucktard who said I couldn’t eat in the lab where my final was being held, which I have done before without anyone saying shit — this was ONLY because I didn’t want to miss anything that my professor said and because I did leave, annoyed, angry, and emotionally on tilt from no sleep (I seriously wanted to tell him off…then cry >_>), I did miss the opening statements from my professor — only to waste 2 hours I could have been sleeping waiting for me to present a small text document at the end of the exam time that took literally 30 seconds to explain to the class.

Fucking A.

So, that’s my story. Trust me, I’m uber serious about becoming a noteworthy blogger, but just like any blogger, I’m human…and fuck up severely. Readership is great to have, but not at the cost of my own health, life pleasures, and a high probability of producing a shitty entry. This one isn’t even all that great either, but whatever. I’m still groggy as fuck and really need to sleep off this stomach nausea creeping up on me so I can wake up in the mid morning and study [again] for my 3PM final.

This is Ren’Ai, your irritable, tactless, yet overbearingly lovable (:: coughsubjectiveopinioncough :: ) non-articulate megane-ko blogger-to-be…passing out.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Ayana – Kanon OP – “Last Regrets” ]:: \\


2 thoughts on “Devoted Irresponsibility At Its Best

  1. i suscribe to A Word A Day too! ^5 !!

    I love that their theme this week is on French terms. makes using English such a refined thing, don’t you think?


    I seriously know nuts about poker.

  2. Yay! I’m not alone in my pursuit for a wider, more eloquent vocabulary ^^ :: high fives :: Just thought I would surprise people with that little fact about me. Having their theme being on French terms does give a new perception as to how wide the English language really is, but I’ve always been able to decipher pronunciation just by looking at the word. I can’t do that with these words, which challenges me to actually do my homework =^^=

    I didn’t know err…nuts…about poker until last this year. I only learned by playing the game with my friends who actually have done the research. If you don’t know anything, you should take a look at the links I gave. They’re appear to be quite informative, though I’ve only skimmed through. If you don’t know something, make an effort to obtain knowledge of it, right?

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