Let the legend live on…!

Hurhur! It’s so liberating to amuse myself at my own expense.

Apparently, the amount of nonexistent seconds that visitors stay on my blog completely consumes all the users who actually stay more than 5 seconds and above. I never knew that anyone could stay on a site for less than 5 seconds before.

Seriously, that’s news to me. Maybe I should start bragging that my blog has the ability to scare off visitors in less than 5 seconds. Not the greatest blog reputation to have, but if that’s all I have to work with…I’ll do it!

What? Do it for myself, you ask? No no no! You thought you had me all figured out, didn’t you, you overestimating, ignorant peon you! But alas…you are still one step behind my pious ways. On the contrary, I shall do it for my adoring, devoted fans! All 83.3% of them! <3<3<3 I can surely count on them to keep that glutton of a Pacman chomping down on the rest of the visitors who stay for 20 seconds to an hour. I shall be a fuckin’ trendsetter; that no blog can compare to my legendary aura of stirring such fear and trembling into my visitors that they can only withstand its clutches for no more than a mere 5 SECONDS OR LESS!!!!111111 MUWAHAHAHA!

Okay. Remind me never to combine three hours of sleep with leftover sweets when made available…@_@


6 thoughts on “Let the legend live on…!

  1. Your compliment is greatly appreciated.

    I really was off my rocker that night…possibly slightly buzzed, but I’m the only one keeping score >_> ^_~

  2. Gasp, I want a pacman too! Nobody reads my blog, really, and I hardly blog, too. Am in habit of letting sleeping dogs lie — I mean, sort of … keeping the thoughts in the cranky ol’ brain. Doesn’t pay to write it out sometimes … it gets phrased a little different.

    Twinkies and cheerios,

  3. Ah so you took the bait after all! Hehe.

    Anyway, to get people to read your blog, you have to keep putting yourself out there. You and I seem to have different reasons for writing, but that’s okay too. Blog when you have something to say, you know?

    In the mean time, maybe I’ll see you around. Daniel and I have a beautiful thing going if you haven’t noticed. Could never hurt to have another supporter, if you catch my drift ❤

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