Megane-ko Blogger in the making…or not

Yesterday, I spent most of my time in class cyber-pimping my wonderful blog to as many different directories as I could. That didn’t take much time, but I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant in even doing such things. After all, if a blog is worth recognizing and visiting every day, then shouldn’t a blog be able to become circulated by way of osmosis through the persons who read it? A top-notch blog should become well-known just by strategically choosing the proper meta keywords and worthwhile content that coincides with the keywords chosen, right?

Yeah…and then I woke up.

Dreams like becoming a popular blog hotspot don’t come with just sitting on your ass and typing relevant shit, or so I have come to understand quite quickly. To further support my thoughts on this, a while back, I took the liberty of delving into Xiaxue‘s first year of archives when she was a nothing like me. From my observations of her entries, she was only being herself: a college student bent on getting her writings published. I certainly do not believe that she became the 5th Most Influential Female Blogger on the net just on slightly (I use this term sparingly, as she is a beautiful woman regardless) photoshopped, beauty-enhancing images of herself and her recorded lifestyle alone. She purposely put her name out there to whatever directories were available at the time, and linked to many of her friends. She has also written for big-name magazines, which would significantly increase anyone’s connections and accessibility. Xiaxue does write many opinionated entries that aren’t just “Oh worship the ground I blog on!” She has talent, experience, character, connections, and a love for what she does. To me, those key traits are worth revering her as my role model, and one of the reasons why I began this blog in the first place.

I can write all the controversial, open-minded, sarcastic, whatever-the-fuck I want, but I am hoping that one day that people will actually respect me and look upon my blog with affectuous eyes. Everyone who steps foot into my domain will know that I was a nothing, and that it took months upon months of polishing my writing style to become known as a blogger. I don’t even know if I’ll ever become as venerable as Xiaxue, but who gives a fuck?

I do…….

Yeah. I do. I give a fuck because I know that if I ever DO become as widely advertised as her, that I won’t be her. My own voice; my own writing; my own content & style; everything will scream Ren’Ai, not Xiaxue. I can stand being compared to her in my don’t-give-a-shit attitude. What I won’t stand is being called a carbon copy of her. I’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that I made it in the blogosphere because I started from the bottom up.

I added on that Stats / Exposure section so everyone knows where my blog has been submitted to…and because most of them required me to link back to them XD Even made nice little ads for people to use at their leisure [and on their own bandwidth, thank you]. I did all of this with a jovial outlook, believe it or not. Maybe one day, I won’t have to rely on so many directories for exposure. If that day ever comes, my hope is that those hundreds of visitors will understand that my position in the blogosphere is not what is [exceedingly] important to me, but rather that what I blog about are where my inhibitions and purpose lie. What I have been inclined to compose, and possibly my perspective towards it, are what I would love to be popular for; to actually be worthy to be called a “blogger” or “megane-ko blogger”

Okay. So all of that may have come off a bit contradictory…I think…err whatever. So let me sum it up.

Anyone who would read and venerate me as a “megane-ko blogger” just because I am popular and high ranking, can fuck off. I wouldn’t want any situations like this coming up:

Person 1: “Oh, you read Ren’Ai’s blog too?! As a blogger, Ren’Ai really does well in expressing herself without any hesitation or care for what people think, despite her brusque approach. And Ren’Ai is into anime and Japan. Such a cool mix, don’t you think?”

Person 2: “…Huh? You actually read those entries about masturbating and sexual confusion? I just go there so I can say I’ve been to Ren’Ai’s blog, since that blogger is pretty well-known.”

Yeah. Fuck Person #2.

I’ve totally overstayed my welcome in this lab. Late for an important meeting now. Until next. Oh, and vote for Xiaxue in the Weblog Awards v^^v


One thought on “Megane-ko Blogger in the making…or not

  1. Ah, you’ll get my pure comments, if praise be then praise be, if criticism be then criticism be.

    Honestly, while i find your blog somewhat interesting due to the overlap in interest, like in anime, manga and of course meganekko, i find the sheer enormous lengths of most of your blogs just to long and overly complicated.
    While i do have complicated feelings, a complicated life, i try to keep things simple, because i just have limited time.
    Your self-identity does interest me and i’m really curious about it, but the lengthy discussions about your feelings remind me of mine and how i abhor to elaborate those to others because it’s too difficult to share anyway, while i would love to explain them in detail.

    I call you a meganekko-blogger because you’re a lover of the meganekko and you blog, simple as that.

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