Megane-ko #2 – Margery Daw

Next up is the fiesty & psuedo-classy Margery Daw.

Name / Meganekko Type: Margery Daw / Full Time
Submitted by: Ren’Ai
Site: Megane-ko Fated Musings

This fascinating meganekko adds some serious spunk to the recently produced anime, “Shakugan No Shana“. As a skilled and crafty Flame Haze from the European area, she is hellbent on destroying anyone who gets between her and her prey. She has a killer instinct that seems unquenchable, and an unhealthy drinking habit that is not very suitable for her, as she is a “lightweight” when it comes to holding her liquor. She has shown signs of a painful past that seems to drive her each day. Don’t A face anyone could love.let her pretty face fool you though. Margery may be capable of lowering her guard to reveal a more romanticized, sensitive side, yet she is a bombshell ready to explode when provoked. She is, without a doubt, a free spirited woman who would rather not get tied down by pointless relationships.

Pictures will be added when I am back in my dorm. I would have e-mailed them to myself, but didn’t think I would be awake enough to actually write up a decent description at work.

Damn…Ren’Ai needs laptop badly.

UPDATE:I just love this shot of her.Pictures are now added…for whomever is still keeping score. I took this last screenshot of her because I just love her pose. I may use it in one of my entries in the future when I’m feelings manipulative and extra sexy. We all have those kinds of days, but Margery probably always does. Lucky her, eh?

She is one sexy bitch…and I mean that with the utmost respect, affection, and anything else that could come after that.

Mmm… #^_-#


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