Megane-ko #1 – Julia

Yomiko Readman - from Read Or DieI decided to add in another special feature to my content, which may heighten the incentive for me to blog more often. I noticed that Ah! Megane-sama isn’t updated particularly quickly – the last update, according to the site was August 15, 2005 – as the site appears to be a one-man endeavor. So, to show my love for megane-kos and my thanks for providing so many adorable images for me to objectively express myself with, I am going to assist in this project of my own will and on my own terms. I have no doubt that the owner of that site may come upon my blog somehow, but I plan on e-mailing him of my intentions once I am confident that I can do this. I have been meaning to do this for a while now, so don’t be surprised…wait…no! Be surprised and tell people of my megane-ko blog, as I am aiming to claim the title of “megane-ko blogger.” Now wouldn’t that be just dandy?

Just want to make a few things clear. Do realize that it is nearly impossible to keep up with every anime produced, which will lead to an incomplete collection for all eternity…unless I get some help from some kind people. I doubt that will happen since they could just e-mail that Rob guy with what they have.

Ah! But there is a difference!

You help me out, and you can potentially get your shots & description on the net faster and get noted for your contribution (name, site, e-mail, whatever), which will then go to Rob’s Anime Meganekko Gallery anyway. How do you do this? Send me an e-mail with your two images, preferrably with a reasonable length & width or just the whole image, a non-spoiler writeup – “character descriptions that get across the tone of the anime and the personality of the character” :: Rob – your name (real or not), and site/e-mail. Then drop me a comment, saying what character you did and anything else you would like to add.

I’m going out on a limb here, so the more meganekkos I come across, the more I will blog…theoretically ^^; By the way, you can still help the gallery by checking out this page. Be sure to actually confirm that he hasn’t updated that megane-ko yet, so you don’t waste your time.

Everyone wins here, so I wonder what will become of this idea ::shrugs:: Anyway, here is my first installment. Every meganekko entry will have this format.

Julia - from Blood+

Name / Meganekko Type: Julia / Full Time
Submitted by: Ren’Ai
Site: Megane-ko Fated Musings

From Blood+, Julia has devoted her life to being a part of the Red Shield (Akai Tate) medical staff. She not only attends to patients who have been attacked by Chiroptera (genetically altered monsters), I love her expressions... but works closely with David, an agent of the Red Shield, to keep proper tabs on them. She is very business-oriented, putting business over heart. However, she has a level of compassion and concern when dealing with certain issues that her expressions show strongly. Though Julia wears her white jacket open all the time, don’t mistake her for having seductive tendencies of any sort. That appears to be her style and does not purposely draw attention to her chest. She has shown no signs of being in a relationship with anyone, as her job seems to occupy much of her life.

I already have another megane-ko already lined up next. I sleep now.


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