First Snowfalls == FAIL!

Nenene Sumiregawa - from R.O.D. The TVDamn…I am SO not on my way to becoming what Xiaxue defines as a “blogger” at this rate…and I only use her as my example because she draws some really truthful, conclusive points in nothing less than in a very Xiaxue-like manner XD Also, she was the one who stopped my ignorant blathering on why I am just a person with a blog, rather than a “blogger.”

So anyway, what should I talk about today? Hm…first snow fall of the season in my area was today. The first snow fall is supposed to be a wonderful moment in time for all those “snow-huggers” – another coined term by me ^^ – who stare out their windows, watching the snow fall with sweet anticipation of the moment the snow will be layered enough for them to make snow angels and romp around without breaking their neck, right? Well, I personally love watching snow. Who doesn’t like watching snow fall? I’m just not a “snow-hugger;” I’ll marvel in the beauty of snow as it’s falling through my trusty human skill of peripheral vision while I’m attempting to do something slightly more productive…

…like getting Cloud‘s Omnislash in Final Fantasy VII.

While I’m in my hometown, my opinion of snowfall drastically changes because if I’m home, I actually don’t mind playing in it with my friends…if they coax me enough. Yes, I will put aside my adverse opinion of “snow-huggers” and spend time with my best friends in the snow. Aside from being here to further my education, being involved in a few other organizations, and am content with hibernating in my room whenever I can, you’ll see, in a bit, why I refuse to do such a thing while on campus.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled about it snowing or that apt to view it, as I was reminded that by tomorrow, all the campus shovelers would have pushed it off the streets and sidewalks. I’m sure they realize that doing this would only create a sea of slush for me to trudge through each day of class, systematically making each walk to class hell on my sneakers and socks, but that’s not what pisses me off. They then want to avoid this slush from freezing overnight. So, being the financially conscientious people they are, they dump sand all over the sidewalks instead of salt. Why the fuck would you use sand other than the fact that it’s a conventional alternative to those nice, clear balls of salt?! I guess they haven’t realized how long that sand lasts after the fact. People are still tracking sand on their shoes at the end of Spring semester because of these genius people not spending the money on something that actually dissolves after it’s done it’s job. I especially hate how that fuckin’ sand gets EVERYWHERE in the place I live in. It’s seriously like dust: it’s ALWAYS there. Yet, in the meantime, the school will be (and has been) under perpetual construction since I’ve attended this institution; building, tearing down, and adding onto to places that don’t need any dire improvements.

I’m so glad that they are truly thinking of the students, effectively raising tuition while skimping on any purchases that have any alternative solutions to them; clearly a noteworthy attempt to be thrifty to utilize their funds on things that matter…

…like a new softball field…or a better pond to appease the vicious demands of the ducks without homes.

I really could go on and on about how my school only acknowledges maybe about half of the student requests that are made for the betterment of their college experience, yet manage to fuck up on everything else, but that would diminish this honest account of my deep-seated emotions of first snow falls.

Maintaining integrity of entries is everything! This is especially true for me, as most of the time – like this one for example – I have shit to blog about…which kinda explains why daily blogging is almost completely out of my reach. Still trying for once a week though.

I know I suck at this, but stay with me, people! I’m hanging in there!


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