Kitsune Playtime :: Japanese girls just wanna have fun(?)

Makie Sugiyama - from Futari EcchiI really don’t know how coherent this entry will be, but I’m in one of those moods where bringing myself back to myself is damn near impossible and letting everything out just seems like the only option if I expect to survive through the day.

Last night, a guy friend and I went out and had a little fun during “Black Friday.” We weren’t in the midst of the massive chaos of bodies shoving for the last XBox 360 or discount deal that happens only once every 10 years, but actually in a quiet hangout spot where our minds could wander and intellectual talk could properly flourish between us. This is not to say we can only use our brains when there is no one around, but rather there is a greater possibility of us doing so while we are not numbing our brains with the next episode of anime.

So anyway, we were chatting it up about Japanese teenage girls who willingly give up their bodies for money simply because it’s fun and easy pocket money for them. I think my comment about having used panties in vending machines brought us to that point. We discussed and through back theories of why this phenomenon of rebellion and wrongdoing – in the sense that one believes that offering up your 15 year old body to some 50 year old dude is considered pretty fucked up in the head – would occur among many girls in Japan. We agreed on three points:

1) There could be some sort of lack of parental guidance, in regards to how to properly respect one’s body in the sexual arena, which would then lead to either unknowledgable choices being made because of social domineeering factors (peer pressure, a source of entertainment, easy money, etc.) or simply a unconscious (or conscious) development of blatant deviant attitudes.

2) The need for some females to prove that they have dominance over males in the midst of a worldwide permeation of a phallocentric society that women are excluded from time and time again. It serves as a method of having some sort of power over males, as it is exceedingly difficult to gain a respectable role of power when males have crowned themselves “the stronger link.”

3) Some girls see the financial need in their families, and resort to methods of what I like to call “kitsune playtime [kitsune=fox=crafty creatures that get what they want, when they want]” – young girls dressed in anything from school uniforms to fairly revealing garb, can stand on crowded street corners, appeal to an older man, then entice them to pay them money and/or purchase other materialistic wants for various sexual services/fetishes/etc. in a love hotel (I coined this term, thank you very much) – to aid their family in their survival, as this has become so commonplace that no one seems to pay attention anymore until they are raped or murdered.

So, on one hand, you could blame parants. On the other hand, you could blame male-dominated society that won’t do anything to give the same attention to the working female than they would to the working male. On the other hand, you could see a valiant effort to use something so degrading to do something positive, for not all families in Japan have $300 robot pets and open condominums, contrary to popular American ignorance. Sad thing is, the only point that could realistically be resolved is the first, as far as I can tell.

I guess that would be why people like “Azreal” continue to break the cycle of foolish American males believing that the majority of Japanese girls are some amazing, untouchable breed of female that promises great sex and true devotion all the way, when really some are manipulative, transient beings who aren’t as beautiful as the magazine covers portray. There are probably many lovely, devoted, and pure Japanese women out there – I happen to know one – but a good few of them aren’t…or so it seems.

If you read this looking for a moral or some sort of impersonal, all-encompassing conclusion to this conversation, then you’ve set yourself up for a serving of disappointment. As was said before, I had no idea how coherent this entry would be or where I would go with it. I may have something else later, but for now, I will leave those of you who will read this with dashed hopes of ever wanting a Japanese girl.

I, on the other hand, will keep searching for Ms. Right…which, knowing me, will be some breed of typical Asian anyway…probably Japanese, as I so do enjoy masochism. Koreans are cute too…mmm…

***NOTE: This entry is not meant to put down the general Japanese female population, young or old. Nor is this to say that this ONLY happens in Japan – I’m sure someone would call me out on that if I didn’t make this clear. This is me focusing on one specific culture and the conclusions that I drew from having greater knowledge of Japanese culture more than my own.***


4 thoughts on “Kitsune Playtime :: Japanese girls just wanna have fun(?)

  1. You bring up valid points and your command of the english language is superb. Though I have to say that some girls just enjoy doing that sort of thing. It’s intrinsic in their nature not influenced by external factors. Japan has , until recently, been a conservative country. Methinks this is just a sympton of the country’s growing social freedom.

  2. Thank you for your compliments. I appreciate them, as I don’t take notice of these things myself.

    I don’t know if you’ll read this, but what the hell.

    Though some girls may just enjoy doing that sort of thing, I then think about all the cases of sexual harrassment of teenage girls that occur on shinkansens (bullet trains) and other forms of public transportation that involves claustraphobic quarters for any length of travel time. Should we say that grown men just enjoy feeling up on girls half their age and shrug it off as “intrinsic nature?” Most do in Japan, which is sad. I clearly don’t.

    “A symptom of the country’s growing social freedom” may be the case, but I neither agree nor disagree. I’d have to live there to understand that concept for myself.

    Thanks again for commenting.

  3. oh man, i haven’t been here for ages. my vacation was really fun and i was gone for a few weeks. anyway. i think japanese girls try to act cute too much. it sort of peeves me. but then again, that’s just a stereotype. i’m not really too sure what the average japanese girl is like.

    oh, and did you coin the word ‘phallocentric’ too??



  4. If I coined the word “phallocentric,” I’d be famous right now. So no, that’s actually a word invented probably by a band of feminist mercenaries ^^; How ever it was coined, it certainly sums up most societies around the world, which is a shame.

    As for Japanese girls acting too cute, all I have to say to that is: meh. I haven’t lived there so I only know what I know from my own research & people I’ve talked to. Also, this isn’t limited to just Japanese girls, as I noted. If certain girls got it, they got it, and may just use it, regardless of where in the world they are.

    And that’s good that you had fun on your vacation. You deserve it. Welcome back. Glad you didn’t forget about me ^_^

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