Pokerfaced Megane-ko

Kyouko Asahina - from Kita He ~Diamond Dust Drops~I’m still alive! I swear!

…Oh wait. It’s only been exactly a week since my last update. Well, at least if I stay consistent with my weekly postings, then that at least can count for something in my hectic life that just keeps getting better and better.

But not really.

Anyway, I want to write about something that I meant to write about yesterday when it was still fresh in my mind. That is to say that this entry probably won’t be as clearly executed [for my own personal gratification] as I would like it to be.

So yeah, I’ve recently become involved in the hoopla known as poker. Texas-Hold ‘Em, to be more specific. You would have to be out of the human societal loop to not have heard of this massive craze sweeping the world. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if I knew for a fact that pre-teens were learning the tricks of this competitive, stressful game. I’ve always been a competitive spirit and a sore loser in a perpetual state of denial. What got me into it though? I can say this in two words:

Peer. Pressure.

I laugh at the fact that someone like me would get pressured into playing a game that has quite a large factor of chance, along with understanding your opponent’s playing style, paying attention to the cards, and, for those nutty math majors, predicting your %age of chance. I’ve honestly never been one to so easily succumb to peer pressure, but it’s not like I never resisted. I did for months…and then I managed to be convinced of those other factors that caused the game to not be just one big gamble.

So, I’ve played quite a few times with my friends. Each time I played, I improved a little with help from my housemate who seemingly woke up one day and said “I’m going to learn how to play poker!” Of all things, I have a great pokerface. It’s pretty rare that anyone can read what the heck I’m doing…now that I know what the heck I’m doing. One time, I even won $20 or so, which was a really weird feeling. That’s only happened once though, and I only play maybe once every 3 weeks or something like that. “Buy-ins” are only $5, so it’s not like huge stakes. It’s still money though. And we all could use a few extra bucks…but then you say “So you ARE a gambler after all, Ren’Ai!”

And then I smack you across the face for thinking even for a second that you know me well enough to make a inconcise, easily refutable judgement like that about me.

I can truly say that more times than not, I’m only playing poker to spend time with my guy friends that I rarely see anymore, even though I live with them. One has a girlfriend, so he’s always at her dorm, and the other is just so overwhemingly superior to my intellect that he is always up to something. They are fun to be around and one of the few people in my life who respect me and corose me into being looser in my attitude and jovial. I play to have fun with them, since we don’t do anything else together other than eating dinner every other day or something.

I would say that the strategy I’ve been honing the most is my stark pokerface, which I’ve always had as an independently-driven, work-oriented, keep-the-fuck-away-from-me being, in correlation with how to “call”, “raise”, & “check” properly to knock people out of the hand. Last night, I folded at least 95% of my hands very well, which didn’t make me feel too guilty that I folded something like a $5 pot to my housemate’s girlfriend. I was irritated by having to do that because she fucking bet so hard on the “turn” when I was the one betting hard before the “flop” even happened. I did knock out my housemate again who is my sempai to the game with a nice play of Jack/Ace suited to his Jack/King (don’t remember if suited or not). He had gone “all in” before the “flop.” I almost “folded” that hand, already being pretty deep in the “pot”, but I went for it. I got an Ace on the “flop” and another on the “turn”. Admittingly, I was flabbergasted, even though when him and I flipped our hands over, the odds were in my favor with the higher card (Ace). That was my big win the entire night. I should have won big again against another player that was there, but he beat my “pocket” Kings with “Trip” 4s…of which that damned last 4 came out on the fucking “river”! Though I was destroyed on that hand – I was betting hard and the other guy was “all in” – it served as the most dramatic moment of the night. Unfortunately, it was that tremendous loss that killed me for the rest of the game. I could always “rebuy”, but since I did that last time we played – that night was a horrible time for me to be playing, as I was dealing with some emotional issues, thus distracted by everything – I conceded and departed back to my quarters.

Though I lost my $5, at least it wasn’t a completely wasteful night, and got in some good play time. Meh…my consensus is this: Poker isn’t all gambling, as I have come to find out in a more intimate way. Don’t get hooked, and if you play, know when to call it a night. I’ve seen my friends stoop down to such a level of pathetic addiction, though hardly a commonplace label that I could place on them, that even though they’ve had a horrible night, they don’t want to stop “rebuying.” Even worse, they could have an awesome night, but won’t “cash out” on account of greed. Poker can actually be fun…if you have no problem putting aside all trust for your friends involved and only believing in yourself and…well…in the odds of your hand. To quote a great card player:

“Believe in the heart of the cards!” – Yugi (Duel Monsters)

But first things first…Believe in the heart of extrapolating the chance of me having some standard of a work ethic today! Thanksgiving break starts next week so I honestly and truly want to have as little work on my shoulders as possible before I leave. I really have to stop screwing around and wasting my Fridays. I only do it because I have no classes and only two places of importance to be…one of them being where I obtain my necessary income.

And just because I’m so gracious to my devoted reader, Daniel, I’ll provide a link to where all that poker jargon can be searched through. For those of you who are slow on the uptake, the poker terms are the bolded words in that extended rant of my own poker experience.

However, if you aren’t Daniel, show your devotion to me by sending me cute, shiny objects of joy so I know that I can add you to my growing list of Oh-So-Lovable readers.

What? No one told you that is the prerequisite for gaining the love of Ren’Ai? Where the hell have you been?

Clearly not reading my blog enough ^ ~


2 thoughts on “Pokerfaced Megane-ko

  1. okay. i can’t really relate to games well.

    I’m so happy my exams are over.
    Oh yeah. I don’t have the habit of replying the comments on my blog, so you don’t have to check back to see what I said. Just so you know.

    Anyway. have fun with poker while i sniff at myself in disgust.

  2. I don’t play poker or any related card games.
    But i do play Magic the Gathering, a great TCG.

    “Believe in the heart of the cards!” – Yugi (Duel Monsters)

    Hah, that manga/anime/game character runs some stupendous combo deck and always “believes in the heart of the cards” the right cards for the combo to go off, that guy has either the biggest luck in the world to always topdeck what needed or he’s very good at stacking his deck before dueling.

    As i somehow losely read before on the Magic the Gathering forum: “I believe in building a consistent deck that is as little dependent on luck as possible and tries to manipulate the library and luck in my favour as possible. I believe in topdecking when the time comes and having bad luck on other occasions, and that’s when i get mad at my luckless deck, shout at my library to get it topdecking and losing a game because it won’t comply.”

    Fuck Yugi and his stacked decks, real men shuffle their decks until their arms fall off and then twice as much more.
    I hate mana-/color-screws and land-floods, but i’d rather have those than try building decks that use no mana system and are ridiculously broken from the start anyway.

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