In Sweet Passionate Disgust

Fumitsuki Nanakorobi - from Happy LessonI wish you fuckin’ loved me.

A few people come to this blog every day. Nothing worth making a big stink over, but they do. It’s great that they do. It’s great that they are just here to be completely anonymous beings to come and go as they please. Like the ether that makes up this world of infinite possibilities, known affectionately as the Internet, they are here and gone. Poof. Without a trace. Almost as if they couldn’t give a crap about anything that is presented here to them.

And they shouldn’t. This place isn’t for anyone’s entertainment.

I suppose I did allow kind words of that blogger that made the ad for me penetrate my skeptic shielding just a little…okay it almost broke. Whatever. I wish I hadn’t, but yeah. Clearly undeniable, given my attitude serving as the core of this entry. Nothing too different from the norm, but just slightly less conscious of what is going to be typed out by these fingers of mine.

After sitting here speechless for a good two minutes, I have come to the conclusion that I am done with this entry.

Regardless of how megane-kos feel about me, it doesn’t matter much. Kinda like how me, as a megane-ko lover myself, could give two shits about a megane-ko that can’t fuckin’ see into my world…and never will.

I wish you fuckin’ loved me…

…And that I fuckin’ loved you.


2 thoughts on “In Sweet Passionate Disgust

  1. Oh yeah. Talking about not knowing who comes to your blog – I hate it when someone comes to my blog and doesn’t leave any message or something. (Not that I resent the person – I resent the ACTION.) Like if someone puts their name as ‘anonymous’ on my tagboard, it pisses me off having to suppress all my speculating in wanting to know who it was.

    Anyway. I found your blog via Alexiel. He must think I’m very kaypoh (Xiaxue-speak) – meaning nosey – commenting here. Haha. But that’s a cute ad he did.

    my exams are over in a week. yay.

  2. You know what I hate the most? How those blog bots leave anonymous comments. And while their at it, they mess with my stats, giving a false representation of how many warm-blooded, free-thinking HUMANS are actually loading this page. ::grimaces::

    So Alexiel is a “he?” Interesting. Whatever he thinks though, at least I got a nice commentator/supporter out of the deal…I’m talking about you ^^ I noticed you linked me in your blog. I will get around to reciprocating the gesture.

    ::hugs ad:: It’s still cute…even if no one clicks on her cute head.

    Best wishes on the rest of your exams.

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