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Don't ride my bandwidth, you despicable being!I don’t know why this person – codenamed Alexiel – decided to do something like this for someone like me, but apparently…I now have a custom-made advertisement for my blog.

I really do love this thing. Just want to cuddle that girl in the image so much ❤ The words capture my persona nearly perfect; plenty of sarcasm, underlying angst, courtesy, and a drop of sweetness. Thank you very much, Alexiel ^ ^

This other blogger that happened upon mine surely must like reading my stuff. I don’t even know who this person is, but “they” – this person claims to have four voices, so I’m using “they” (who am I to judge anyway) – are as ambiguous as I am about separating my blogger identity from my real life avatar, and that’s good enough for me. Though these musings are truth, reality should know its place…and it sure as hell isn’t here. I intend to stay known anonymously as Ren’Ai because being known as anything else would be detrimental to mine or the person-who-squealed-on-me’s health.


Really sweet of this person though. “They” told me “they” are using it in their signatures on other message boards. I am flattered that “they” would go so far as to do me something like this, but I honestly do have my doubts, even if there is a sudden influx of hits to my blog. For one thing, I only write for myself and won’t cater to anyone else’s wants or requests. These are my musings and getting uber popular like Xiaxue won’t change why I write and especially WHEN or HOW OFTEN I write. I have a life too…it’s just not half as interesting as Xiaxue’s. Though she is somewhat of a role model for me, and partly the reason why I started this blog, it’s pretty pathetic [of me] to ponder how quickly people could just get bored reading about her life. I mean, if she suddenly did something so outrageous and lost all her internal connections, would her blog be half as worth reading then?

Yes…because then she could just write about how shitty her life is now that she’s lost everything…and people would STILL read it! It’s a win-win situation in the worse AND best possible way, which is worth chuckling about if you ask me…and you aren’t…so whatever.

I, on the other hand, have the freedom to blog about anything I want as it pertains to me as an individual being affected by my own existence and the world around me. Yet, as I said, I’m just an ordinary college student aspiring to draw attention to my writing any way possible. I could say that this Alexiel person is doing me a huge favor by spreading the news everywhere “they” post, but unless people get a kick out of hearing about my weaknesses as a sexual being and/or how much I love megane-kos, they won’t stick around to read what I have to say. Everything about the U.S. is so damn uptight and constrictive that the mention of sexuality or if nude pictures constitutes as art send people in a raving seizure. If newcomers read my stuff, they will do 1 of 3 things:

1) Respect me for being casually blunt with who I am as an individual because they can relate to me without giving me unwanted pity.

2) Leave and shield their eyes from my multiple allusions to the phallic areas of the human body.

3) Be so indifferent/taken aback by what I have to say that the only logical consensus their brain can arrive to is flaming and degrading me of how sick, misguided, disturbed, sinful, politically incorrect (and the list goes on…) I am.

This is if they can get past the obscenities that I throw around when necessary. Thing is, I use those derrogatory placeholder verbs/adjectives WAY more rationally & intellectually than most people who do swear. If they can’t handle that, then they can’t handle Ren’Ai…

…and that’s their fuckin’ fault for trying to act so damn pious or eagerly ignorant, and false-faced about REAL stuggles, REAL questions, and REAL desires that REAL people like me go through for years on end.

So, if anyone is actually redirected here, courtesy of Alexiel‘s snazzy ad, do take all of these truths to mind. It will save you and me the effort of giving a shit.

‘And in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.’ – The Truman Show

P.S. Now that Blogger has added a new feature for comments, I’ve reenabled comments to be made by non-members of Blogger. I turned it off to keep those accursed bots away from my blog, but now I can just delete the e-mail or whatever if they do show up. So, yeah. ::shrugs:: Comment away.


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