Cruel & Unusual Punishment?

Kaori - from Sex FriendOh wow…! This is just too funny to pass up blogging about. Okay. This will be, by far, my most jovial entry ever. I hope I tell this story well. It’s absolutely priceless.

So I’m sitting at work today in front of the computer just like most other days. I decide to do some searches and come upon this Photo Special on MSN Mainichi News. What enticed me to click on it? It was showing the winners for the second Miss International Queen 2005, showcasing the most beautiful transvestite and transgendered contestants that happened in Pattaya, Thailand. According to the article, the goal of holding such a contest was to increase awareness of transgendered and transvestite individuals to improve their human rights. It also is held to hopefully build stronger bridges between the transgendered, lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities.

Of course that is not what almost caused me to burst out laughing over. I think that sort of competition is for a postive cause. People have the right to choose their sexuality based on their own self-inspired standard of biological & cultivated sexuality. They are human beings and that reality, in itself, should be enough for them to have human rights like all heterosexuals. Being gender-specific has become overrated in a way – if everyone is considered an individual, why should one’s sexuality be gender-driven? No one is at either extreme of fully masculine or fully feminine anyway. I know MANY people who would proceed to scorn me for saying such words…like my mother, who is a Christian. I could go into the whole debate of why Christianity should or should not allow for anything more than the “stereotypical,” God-intended, male & female biblical standard of sexuality, but since I’ve already stated an opinionated thought of mine with no specified bias attached, I won’t take it any further than that.

Truth be told (by yours truly), most of those women look beautiful for being born as guys…and so I segue into the more amusing part of this entry.

So, in a curious fit of self-awareness, I perused through the short article, then, as any right-minded individual would do after reading a Photo Special, I looked at the pretty pictures. As I was doing this – mind you, trying to be very aware of my surroundings, as there were guys walking around – my wonderful boss – yeah, the same one from my awkward tale of sexual apprehension – comes around while I’m on this mediocre image (definitely the worst picture in the bunch, in my honest, yet skewed opinion).

And the hilarity ensues…

Boss: “Whoa! Heeello!”
Me: #O_O#
Boss: “Very pretty ladies.”
Me: “Uh…yeah.”
Boss: ::points to screen:: “I like that one. She’s nice and tall.”
Me: “Yeah…” (for the record, both are unattractive to me)
Boss: “Where is this from?”
Me: ::hesitates:: “Well, they are from this competition called the Miss International Queen 2005.”
Boss: ::reads caption:: “Thailand, huh? I knew something was calling me.”
Me: ::blinks:: “What do you mean?”
Boss: “I should have been one of the judges to rate those beautiful ladies!” ::walks away chuckling to himself::
Me: “…” ::tries to hold back laughter, still blushing::

Call me cruel and vindictive, but I just didn’t have the heart to tell him they were transvestites/transsexuals. That was actually the only picture, if I remember correctly, that didn’t say in its caption that it was a contest geared towards that purpose. Though I found it very funny that my male boss couldn’t be the wiser, I was scared that he would ask to see more pictures, and then get angry at me for not telling him sooner before he started oggling them…and then turn around and question my actions. Thus the reasoning behind the rush of blood to my face. Not saying I couldn’t handle myself if that situation arose, but it’s not exactly dirt I wanted my boss to have on me whenever he looked at me.

Anyway, here’s the article, complete with gallery, if anyone cares.


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