The Nonsensical Bandwagon: Everyone’s doing it!

So I’ve come to my senses. Only took me a few days, and a confrontation of the worst kind. You know..the kind that is really really great at first, but then drives you to the point of running around in the pouring rain…in an attempt to inadvertently drown yourself…

Well…maybe not so much, but where I live, rain isn’t very abundant. Let’s just say I took advantage of the situation graciously presented to me by the massive culmination of humidity over a period of a week.

Today, I was shocked to find that somehow my little ecosystem rating thingy that I have under my “Note by Ren’Ai” had suddenly jumped four spots up. What the hell? That’s like…baffling to me. Why? Because it actually means that people are reading this. Either that, or those retarded blog spammer bots are screwing with my head. Man do I hate them. That’s why I took off anonymous comments. Getting my hopes up and shit. Not to mention, they fuckin’ generate the most blatantly mindless dribble I have ever seen. Seriously! It’s like crackhead monkeys typed them up. The least they could do is make them halfway convincing, as opposed to half-assed convincing. They even provide you with nice, obscurely-phrased links for you to click on to quite possibly infect your computer for some hacker who doesn’t know how to properly find a fuck-buddy to infiltrate your system and make a million Internet Explorer windows pop up. Yes, I speak from experience. I mean the IE virus nearly exploding my CPU, not the hacker. I could definitely get one – a fuck-buddy, not a hacker ::rolls eyes:: – if I wanted one…but I digress. That experience was far from pleasant. Made me sad even…but thankfully I have enough knowledge of the net [now] to not let crap like that happen to me anymore.

I’m still one of the so-called fools who are too lazy to switch over to Mozilla Firefox. Google Pop-Up Blocker has been a close friend to me; its total count of irritating pop-up ads now reading at 1286. Somehow, certain pop-ups have slipped through my defenses, which has led me to contemplate the proposition of making the switch, but has not escalated to the point of actually making the effort. All my friends have already, but meh. Conformity sucks; I stand for my lackadaisical approach towards the simple things in life that don’t concern or affect me very much.

After all, I can be an uncaring, apathetic bitch/asshole when I want to be. ^^

Oh yeah. I did get that evil paper done. Probably did horribly, but at least now I am prepping myself for the next paper that is coming up so it won’t be such a chore.

I only blogged today because I felt – yeah, feelings strike back again – I should. Being predisposed elsewhere hindered me from blogging about what I wished to. Anyway, I would be absolutely ecstatic if all you people who seem to be finding this outlet of sweet lovin’ would drop me a line some time. I know I didn’t just magically jump four spots on my The Truth Laid Bear rating. Meh. For all I know, people could just be winding up here by mistake then leaving as soon as they read half of one of my musings.

In any case, life has been kicking my ass this past week. Ren’Ai must strike back with a vengeance!

…after food.


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