Megane Cuteness: Defending a Worthy Cause

The catalyst that sparked this conversation.
Over-Analytical Housemate: “Why every time I see your desktop, you have some soft-porn girl as your background?”

Ren’Ai: *narrows eyes* “Why do you always characterize the images on my desktop as having some sort of phallic/sexual innuendo? It’s not soft-porn.”

Over-Analytical Housemate: “Yeah it is.”

Ren’Ai: “I have her there because she’s cute. I like cute things.”

Over-Analytical Housemate: “Just look at her…her legs are curled up against her body…and her feet…you know she’s not getting away.”

Ren’Ai: *sighs in frustration* “Whatever…”

Housemate Who Somewhat Understands Me: “She’s wearing glasses. She’s innocent.”

Ren’Ai: *smiles warmly* “Exactly.”


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