Know Your Role

During a mediocre evening dinner with one of my better college friends that I don’t live with, we started talking about relationships and the like. I was quite nervous, as today was the day set aside to try something a little different with my style of attire. I spent three hours improving my appearance and ironing out wrinkles out of my clothing so that I would spend the entire day traveling through campus playing a role that I most certainly was not confident playing. And then, I have dinner with a girl, that I find fairly pretty in my opinion, intentionally maintaining my gussied-up facade that may not occur again for some time. I have thought about hinting something along the lines of a slighted affection, but I have not done so in the three years that I have known her at college.

Anyway, she tells me that this guy likes her. I immediately prepare my shotgun to mutilate anything that is remotely related to “I don’t know what to do.” That is probably the most ignorant, bold-faced lie that anyone could ever say because without a doubt, 9/10 times, they know EXACTLY what to do, but just won’t grow balls (or for women, stick their finger in their ass) and DO IT. Fortunately, she told me that she brought closure to this concept I have never heard of called DTR (Determining The Relationship). That didn’t keep my commentary long, since all I needed to say was: “If he has to wait a long time to get over you, then he has to wait a long time. His problem. Not yours. Don’t stress. End of story.” She was consoled and thankful that I could give her such straightforward advice/confirmation.

Now, take my cut-throat approach to life – past hardships and one certain back-stabbing someone have shaped this very capable skill of mine – and apply it to the world. If the entire world got together and just DID/SAID SOMETHING that would give another person some moral comfort, care, consolation, etc., instead of raping young boys/girls, killing their own kind, bitching about Presidents that NO ONE will ever be happy with, oh and my personal favorite: actually realize how this entire world is in such a shithole right now that it would take the entire world to save it, world peace could very well be come reality, violence/hate/prejudice against women/men would become nonexistent, and maybe even turn this entire country from being one horrible double-minded lie (i.e. claiming to be “one nation under God”) into the image, dictated in writing, that it should be.

Something we all, including myself, should take into greater account when we look at our lives as who we are. I know my roles, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not an estranged individual, which, if you haven’t noticed, I very much am…and damn proud of it.


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