Cheapened Free Sex: For Resale

“Sex” is a fun word. It can be used in any sort of context and freely dished out in almost any sort of conversation or atmosphere. It has become so commonplace that I would deem the word as overrated. I really could care less about the word “sex.” I am more interested in how one would go about having sex, what is sex to them, and why would one have sex in the first place.

It bothers the hell out of me when I overhear males saying, “Oh yeah I really want to fuck that girl,” or something inane such as that. It’s irritating that people just throw around sex as if it were a toy. I have heard with my own ears that people even see it as an exercise! They are saying that there could be a point in time where they make themselves engage in intercourse simply because their lover, or whomever, wants it. They could actually GET BORED from it!

What the hell is that?!

Has all possible reason for having intercourse with someone gone completely down the shitter? Has it become so dulled that it’s simply just another act that one can engage in whenever it suits their fancy? I really have the worse kind of disgust for these kinds of people who take a perfectly good and pure act and treat it as some chew toy that degrades and downplays what “sex” was originally intended to be. I’m not going to out and give a definition because frankly, even people from a third-world country know what sex is and why we, as human beings, do such a thing. Apparently, the animal species know the secret too. So yeah, a waste of my very limited energy really to break-it-down, given the fact that if you are here, you have an I.Q. of some capacity.

You know. I know. So why the hell do people become porn stars? Why do people insist on having sexual relations with a complete stranger just because it is quick thrill for them? Why to people who are married cheat and screw their next door neighbor? If you were going to do that in the first place, STAY FUCKIN’ SINGLE! Why in the world would you spend thousands of dollars on an extravagant wedding ceremony, confess your undying and unfailing affection and love for someone, pay another few hundred for a half decent reception, when you know you’re just going to fuck it a year or two from now – and those who do this DO know, unless you had multiple-personality disorder through the ENTIRE wedding, and not even that lame excuse after the fact could dig them out of their own shithole. It’s freakin’ ridiculous! Is sex just a game that you play for that special kind of high that you can’t get from anywhere else? What has sex become in the lives of millions of people? Why has sex become a requiem for heartbreak? Why do people not even want to waste their time committing the rest of their life to some poor soul anymore?

Simply put: Sex is no longer based on love, trust, and openness between two people. It has become the ultimate form of recreation that has spread even to preadolescents. Sex has become a term that no longer has just one meaning, but various ones. It has become diluted, polluted, and construed beyond repair, just barely being saved and captured in a bottle by those with some sort of faith in God, which, I confess, I have. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be saying half the things I’m saying, or will say, for that matter.

And people wonder why the U.S. is one of the most fucked up, corrupted, one-sided, double-minded countries in the world. This country can’t even follow it’s own Constitution that its forefathers wrote. It’s sick, but because it’s the “way that society has evolved” or “I want to do whatever the fuck I want to do because I have freedom of expression and speech (notice how EVERYONE, at their leisurely convenience, remembers those parts of the Constitution),” it’s obviously A O.K.


However, I’ll leave it at that. I’ve been going nonstop since 6AM. I need sleep.


One thought on “Cheapened Free Sex: For Resale

  1. Amen to that, sister.
    I hate how sex has become some ultimate but yet so all common goal to strive for.
    Many people going to a bar or a disco go for the chance to booze up and hook someone up to bang with.
    A minority is really there to really dance.

    Why go to some place where the music’s boomingly loud and people can hardly hear each other if one says that one’s there for the atmosphere and the fun people?
    Yeah, many people who go clubbing wanna impress others with smooth moves and tempt someone in bed.

    If i hear good trance booming in a place or even other reasonably danceable music, i wanna dance and forget about everything around me.
    And when i do that people stare in bewilderment and shock at me, some trying to belittle me for dancing to my max while i’m passionate about it.
    And what do they do, they don’t really dance, they only use the place and music to show off their bodies to their friends and potential mates.
    Yeah, coolness and sex are king today, as are fads.

    Unlike Valentine’s day, this is much, much harder, if not impossible to ignore.
    Stupid-ass young people’s cultures, always making relatively unimportant as big as the universe.

    Anyway, fuck the general attitude about sex.

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