Transgender Manga Masterpost


Apron and Sunglasses by Minami Q-ta (**click image for article**)

**NOTE:** (This is NOT the original article for “Transgender Manga Masterpost.” Only highlighting personal thoughts about the actual article located here. The same title was used as I initially planned to reblog, then decided not to for more presentation control.)

Though I am only familiar with Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son), I wanted to share this manga masterlist for a few reasons.

  1. I’ve always known there were tons of different sub-genres of manga, and yet I never thought there was a real abundance of manga covering transgender-related topics. If I didn’t know, chances are, most people didn’t either. For me, that is a very cool thing to be aware of as a creative writer and anime fan.

  3. What makes this masterlist so wonderful is that these stories observe the reality and seriousness of being transgender. Most anime fans are very familiar with the “gender bender” and “trap” tropes that are popularly used for comic relief (Tenshi na Konamaiki being one of my long-time favorite series) or fanservice/18+ material, but this is a very valuable, insightful resource that could be useful to both fans and non-fans of manga as it applies to a more believable representation of trans people as a whole.

  5. These titles can be found in English. Unfortunately, I will have to do my homework on where exactly, but Wandering Son is easily found in brick-and-mortar bookstores & online stores if you’re interested in a place to start.

For the casually curious who only want a basic gist of the manga listed and don’t care about spoilers, the author does provide background for them. As for me, I will need to make some time to read a few of these. Hourou Musuko was enjoyable in anime form, but any fan knows that the animated adaptation typically pales in comparison to the original text.

I do admit that I tend to not read the manga because I saw the anime. Yes, I am horrible.

Happy reading (maybe)! Read “Transgender Manga Masterpost”

Writer’s ego


Pixiv @ mono-dice: Dangan Ronpa – Touko Fukawa

I have a tendency to avoid sharing things that worry or make me afraid for the future. Instead, I attempt to tell stories that just so happen to be snipped from my life as I feel so inclined to share. The truth of the matter is I’m concerned what would happen if I were to truly make this a memoir space.

A space where anyone could read about highly personal things about who I am and what I’m all about.

Ironically, when I started this blog, all of my posts were excruciatingly personal. Though only myself and two close friends ever knew it existed; I blocked it from search engines. After growing up a little more, that’s when I decided to keep it public, but at the cost of excluding truly intimate details of my life.

To be honest, I have no idea what I’m worried about when whether I write or not is of no excitement or disappointment to anyone… Correction: I DO know what I’m worried about.

The answer lies in my ego. My potential for success. My desire to leave my mark on the world.

If I were to achieve any manner of notoriety, this blog would have already been claimed in my name. What I write here could affect the opinions of those who admire me, and fuel the naysayers that are a staple of true success. At the heart, writing freely about my past exposes memories that only belong to me, but would become public domain the moment I press “Publish.”

I would like to share more, but I don’t know what I’m willing to share. My ego constricts me when I have already gone as far as six weeks on HRT. Seriously, why should I even care who knows what about me? Is there anything in my life that could be turned against me, the storyteller?

Indeed, these are the difficult questions that plague my mind daily. Only, I’ve never given them form until now. My voice to tell my story is my own.

So I must decide if my life is worth giving voice to. And by reading this, you have just bore witness to sweet rub of my own irony.

**written on my phone**